Popular Names in New Jersey

Popular names in New Jersey for 2023 include Olivia and Liam, are also the most popular names nationally.

However, many of the Top 10 New Jersey baby names are unique choices that rank lower on the national charts. For girls, this includes Madison and Leah. On the boys' side, more than half of the Top 10 names are absent from the national Top 10: Joseph, Michael, Jack, Jacob, Luca, and Ethan.

New Jersey has particularly large Italian and Jewish populations, and many cultural names rank among the state's top names. Italian baby names that are more common than average in New Jersey include girl names Valentina, Antonella, and Lucia, and boy names Giovanni, Lorenzo, and Matteo.

Disproportionately popular Jewish baby names include Miriam, Rivka, Chaya, Chana, and Malka for girls, and Yehuda, Moshe, Yosef, Yaakov, Shmuel, and Chaim for boys.

Several girl names that peaked in the '80s, '90s, and early 2000s still remain more popular in New Jersey, including Sara, Rachel, Julia, Ashley, Samantha, Brianna, and Adriana.

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