Popular Names in Arizona

Popular names in Arizona are led by Olivia and Liam, which are also the Number 1 most popular baby names 2021.

Many Arizona baby names, however, are more unusual. Unique names on the Arizona's Top 10 names list but outside the national Top 10 include girl names Camila and Luna, and boys names Mateo, Sebastian, Julian, Santiago, and Alexander. These top names in Arizona are all common among Hispanic parents, a large demographic in Arizona.

Other popular names in Arizona compared to national rankings include more Hispanic favorites such as Ximena, Amara, Maria, and Lucia for girls, and Jesus, Carlos, Luis, Emiliano, Diego, Alejandro, and Antonio for boys.

Nameberry's count of the top Phoenix baby names highlights unique names that don't make the Arizona or the national Top 10 lists. Included among them are names that are currently outside of the US Top 1000: Amity, Clementine, Jacquelyn, and Lavender for girls, Iggy and Angus for boys.

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