Summer Baby Names: The Ultimate Guide

Summer Baby Names: The Ultimate Guide

Summer baby names call to mind long, lazy summer days spent soaking up nature in all its glory. Summer is a perfect time to welcome a new baby into the world, thanks to the warm weather and slow, sweet pace of life.

The most evocative summer baby names are those which directly reference the natural world. Summer flower names like Rose and Poppy, beachy names like Cove and Marina, and sunshine names like Sunny and Ray all conjure up imagery of sun-drenched summer days.

Other options with a more subtle connection to the season include mythology names with links to summer or the sun, like Apollo, Ravi and Undine. Names with ties to the summer months of June, July and August also fit the bill.

If you’re in need of inspiration for a baby due during the summer season, read on for our definitive guide to the best names for summer babies.

Top Summer Names

The most popular summer names include classic choices like Alexander and Julian, Lily and Claire, which are appealing all year round but feel particularly perfect for babies born during the summer months due to their seasonal connections.

Alexandrite is the birthstone for June and water lily the birth flower for July, which takes its name from the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. And Claire, along with other classics like Lucas, Helena and Clara, means “light”.

Other popular summery options include nature names like Oliver, Isla, Savannah and Ruby – the birthstone for July.

Here, some of the top summer baby names in the US now.

Summer Names for Girls

Summer names for girls include sweet and sunny destination names such as Bronte, Capri and Prairie, which have a beachy, bohemian feel.

Unexpected flower names we love for summer baby girls include Clover and Lavender, Azalea and Zinnia. And girl names with the fashionable -ley or -ly ending also have hidden nature meanings, such as Hadley “heather field” or Waverly “waving meadow”.

Girl names with connections to the ocean also work well for summer babies. Fresh examples include Anahita and Naia, both the names of water deities, and Coco and Palmer, which conjure up imagery of idyllic island getaways.

Here, a selection of beautiful summer baby names for girls.

Summer Names for Boys

Summer names for boys include cool ancient and mythological names with ties to the sun, such as Apollo, Cyrus and Elio.

Seaworthy names for baby boys include word names like Fisher, Mariner and Ocean – which has entered the Top 1000 for both sexes in the past few years. There are also plenty of more subtle beachy boy names to choose from, such as Caspian, Murphy and Kaikoa.

You could even consider some of the many interesting saint names whose feast days are celebrated during the summer season. Examples include Saints Benedict (July 11) and Ignatius (July 31) – which boasts the fittingly summery meaning of “fiery one”.

Here, some of the best summer baby names for boys.

Unique Summer Names

Unique summer baby names are offbeat and original, but still conjure up imagery of sun-drenched summer days.

Sweet summer nature names that remain very rare in the English-speaking world include Bee and Cricket, Sunday and Holiday, Azure and Oleander.

Others hide their summer connections in their meaning, such as the bright Welsh name Tesni “warmth of the sun”, punchy Portuguese Roque “rock”, or chic French Ondine, which means “little wave”.

Below, a selection of our favorite unique summer baby names. For even more options, see our full list of 300+ sparkling summer baby names here.

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