What To Name Your Summer Baby

What To Name Your Summer Baby

Summer is one of the nicest times of year to have a baby, the warm weather and slow pace making it that much easier to relax into new motherhood (and, from your baby’s point of view, into life!)  Here, our annual round-up of summer baby names that summon the season:

SUMMER — As a seasonal name, Summer may not be your top choice.  It’s feeling a tad shopworn after coming close to cracking the Top 100 in 1977; it’s been above number 200 for the past fifteen years.  Autumn is more popular but Winter is cooler.

Summer also has three excellent months names that include several usable variations.  These are:

JUNEJUNE, the hip middle name du jour, was out of favor for many years but now is back in a big way.  The name, and the month, are derived from JUNO, the Roman goddess of marriage and finances (great role model!) whose name got a big boost from the teenage heroine of the eponymous film.  The related and obscure JUNIA is a New Testament name.  Male versions include the Spanish JUNOT, popularized by Pulitzer winning writer Junot Diaz, and JUNIUS, Latin for “born in June.”

JULYJulius Caesar gave his name to this month, which has spawned many attractive first name variation.  JULIUS itself is being dusted off by a new generation of parents.  JULIO is the attractive Spanish variation.  For girls, JULIA is one of the most enduring and appealing classics, fashionable now.  The French JULIETTE or English JULIET has a tremendous amount of style and grace, along with JULIANA.  Sixties-style JULIE is the only variation on the wane.

Of course, in July you may want to choose holiday names such as AMERICA or LIBERTY.

AUGUST – All variations of summer’s last month, named for the emperor AUGUSTUS, are also stylish now: AUGUST (for girls as well as boys), AUGUSTINE and AUGUSTEN for boys, even the somewhat grandmotherly AUGUSTA for girls.  And GUS is the new MAX.

Summer calls to mind many nature names, from LAKE to RIVER to DAISY to LILY to SKY and BIRCH.

But covering all of them is too much for the scope of one blog, so we’ll focus on names connected with the sea.  The full list is here but some of the most intriguing examples are:

DENIZ, Turkish boys’ name that means sea.DYLAN, Welsh god’s name that works for both genders, means “son of the sea.”HALI, Greek name used for both boys and girls, though in English speaking country, its closeness in sound to Hallie et al may disqualify it for boys.KAI, Trendy Hawaiian name that works for both genders.MARIN, MARINE, MARINAMARIS, MARISA, MARISSA, MARISOLMORRISEY, Irish name that means, oddly, “sea taboo” and has rocker associationsMORWENNA, Ancient Cornish name meaning “waves of the sea,” newly popular in WalesMURPHY, Irish surname that means “hound of the sea” and works as well for girls as for boys.NERIDA, Greek name that means mermaid.NERISSA, Shakespearean name with Greek pedigreeOCEANE, Popular French choice for girls.PELAGIA, Another obscure Greek beauty, name of several early saints.SEATON, English surname meaning town by the seaTHALASSA, Greek sea goddess

Or you might want to go with one of these other names related to the sea:


And then of course there is LEO, the Zodiac sign for babies born between July 23rd and August 22nd.

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