Sol Origin and Meaning

The name Sol is a boy's name of Spanish origin meaning "sun".

Although pinochle-playing partner Sam came out of retirement, we don't see it happening to Sol. Near soundalike Saul has more of a shot.

Sol was also a Roman god/personification of the sun, and an epithet of sun-god Apollo.

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Famous People Named Sol

  • Sol Bloom (1870–1949)member of the U.S. House of Representatives and entertainment entrepreneur
  • Sol Brodsky (1923–1984)American comic book artist and key Marvel Comics executive
  • Sol Campbell (born 1974)English footballer
  • Sol Davis (born 1979)English footballer
  • Sol Hachuel (1817–1834)Jewish martyr and heroine
  • Sol Halperin (19021977), American special effects artist
  • Sol Heras (born 1987)English actor
  • Sol Hoʻopiʻi (1902–1953)Hawaiian guitarist
  • Sol Hurok (1888–1974)American impresario
  • Sol Kaplan (1919–1990)American film and television music composer
  • Sol Kerzner (born 1935)South African businessman
  • Sol Lesser (1890–1980)American film producer
  • Sol LeWitt (1928–2007)American artist
  • Sol Linowitz (1913–2005)American diplomat, lawyer, and businessman
  • Sol Orwell (born 1983)entrepreneur
  • Sol Plaatje (1876–1932)South African intellectual, journalist, linguist, politician, translator, and writer
  • Sol Price (1916–2009)American businessman and founder of FedMart and Price Club
  • Sol Sakscreator of the television comedy show Bewitched
  • Sol Schoenbach (1915–1999)American bassoonist, teacher and pedagogue
  • Sol C. Siegel (1903–1982)American reporter and film producer
  • Sol Spiegelman (1914–1983)American molecular biologist
  • Sol Star (1840–1917)businessman and politician
  • Sol Tax (1907–1995)American anthropologist
  • Solomon Trujillo (born 1951)American businessman
  • Sol Wachtler (born 1930)American lawyer, politician, and disgraced ex,judge
  • Sol MoraviaRosenberg, American rapper

Sol in Pop Culture

  • Sol Bergsteincharacter on Grace and Frankie
  • Solcharacter in Erin Hunter's "Warriors" series
  • Sol Badguycharacter in the Guilty Gear video games
  • Sol Ramacharacter in Marvel Universe
  • SolBorne by one of El Cid's daughters in the Cantar de Mio Cid
  • SolRoman personification of the Sun. Greek equivalent, Helios