Leonie Origin and Meaning

The name Leonie is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "lion".

Leonie is a chic French and German form of a name that exists in a range of variations from Leona to Leonia to Leon to Leo to Lionel, all newly fashionable after a couple of generations in style limbo.

Pronunciation can be confusing: The first syllable can be pronounced as lee or lay, the second as on or own, and the accent can be on either the first or the second syllable or be evenly distributed over all three syllables of the name, so that it sounds like the male name Leon with an ee at the end. Take your pick, but know that others might often pick differently.

Aunt Leonie is a major character in Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. Leonie Hemsworth is the mother of Liam and Chris and Leonie is the name picked by Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel for their daughter.

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Leonie Popularity

Famous People Named Leonie

  • Leonie Duquet (19161977), French nun
  • Leonie Gilmour (18721933), American educator, editor, and journalist
  • Leonie Adams (18991988), American poet
  • Leonie Kramer (b. 1924)Australian academic, educator and professor
  • Leonie Rysanek (19261998), Austrian dramatic soprano
  • Leonie ArcherBritish academic
  • Leonie Brinkema (b. 1944)American judge
  • Leonie Abo (born 1945)Bambunda author
  • Leonie Sandercock (b. 1949)Australian academic
  • Leonie Frieda (b. 1956)Swedish,born former model, translator and writer
  • Leonie Short (b. 1956)Australian politician
  • Leonie Wood (b. 1961)Australian journalist
  • Leonie "Noni" HazlehurstAustralian actress
  • Leonie Joubertfreelance science writer
  • Leonie Swann (b. 1975)nom de plume of a German crime writer
  • Myriam Leonie Mani (b. 1977)Cameroonian runner
  • Leonie Schaller (b. 1978)German saxophonist
  • Leonie Krail (b. 1986)Swiss ice dancer
  • Leonie Meijer (b. 1985)singer,songwriter from the Netherlands
  • Leonie Pravita (b. 1988)"Masa Bodoh" "Cinta" Indonesian singer,songwriter
  • Leonie DawsonAustralian founder of LeonieDawson.com (formerly GoddessGuidebook.com)
  • Léonie Cassel (b. 2010)daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

Leonie in Pop Culture

  • LeonieYoung ghost girl in the CBBC show Dani's Castle