Place-name: the capital of Austria

Vienna Origin and Meaning

The name Vienna is a girl's name of Latin origin.

Vienna is one of the more popular of the European place-names, with a particularly pleasant sound, evoking elegant images of the Blue Danube, of castles and cafes, sweets and sausages and Strauss waltzes—and Sigmund Freud. It could be a possible substitute for the popular Sienna.

While many see place-names as a recent invention, Vienna has been used as a name for centuries. It was, for instance, the name of a 15th century mother of a saint. Joan Crawford plays a strong-willed saloon keeper in the classic 1954 western drama Johnny Guitar. And there was also a Vienna in the F. Scott Fitzgerald story "The Bowl."

Trivia tidbit: Vienna's Roman-era name was Vindobono.

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Vienna Popularity

Famous People Named Vienna

  • Vienna TengAmerican singer,songwriter
  • Vienna GirardiAmerican reality TV personality ("The Bachelor")
  • Vivienne Vienna Wiśniewski (b. 2008)daughter of singers Michał and Ania Wiśniewski

Vienna in Pop Culture

  • Viennacharacter in movie "Johnny Guitar"
  • "Vienna" song by Billy Joel
  • "Vienna" song by The Fray
  • "Dear Vienna" song by Owl City
  • Viennatype of sausages
  • Viennacapital of Austria
  • Viennatown in Virginia, USA
  • 'Vienna'song by Ultravox