"sea warrior"

Murphy Origin and Meaning

The name Murphy is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "sea warrior".

This jaunty Celtic surname -- the most common family name in both Ireland and the US -- is totally viable as a first. The arguably most famous Murphy is TV's Murphy Brown, and indeed the name is twice as common for baby girls as for baby boys today. But still, it's solidly gender neutral and works equally well for all sexes.

There have been countless notable surnamed Murphys, including the currently prominent Eddie and Cillian. Murphy was the eponymous protagonist of Samuel Beckett's first published novel.

One possible negative: the association with Murphy's Law--if anything can go wrong, it will.

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Murphy Popularity

Famous People Named Murphy

  • Murphy JensenAmerican tennis player
  • Murphy Leestage name of Torhi Harper, American rapper
  • Murphy James FosterJr., American politician, former governor of Louisiana
  • Murphy AndersonAmerican comic book artist
  • Murphy aka Mikael Judas (born Michael Cole)American pro wrestler
  • Koltyn Murphy Locke (b. 2015)son of Kiptyn Locke from The Bachelor

Murphy in Pop Culture

  • "Murphy" novel by Samuel Beckett and main character
  • Murphy MacManuscharacter in movie "Boondock Saints"
  • Murphycharacter in movie "Ghost Brigade"
  • Murphy Pendletoncharacter in video game "Silent Hill: Downpour"
  • Murphy's lawmost commonly "Anything that can go wrong, will"
  • Murphy McNullycharacter in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery