Bluma Origin and Meaning

The name Bluma is a girl's name of Hebrew, German origin meaning "flower".

This floral name, related to bloom and Blossom, is common in the Jewish community, but not often heard outside it. Other Yiddish nature names are Ita (star), Masha (rising water), and Mayim (water).

Famous People Named Bluma

  • Bluma Wulfovna ZeigarnikSoviet Lithuanian psychologist
  • Bluma AppelCanadian philanthropist
  • Bluma Gorfinkel TischlerCanadian pediatrician known for her work in treating phenylketonuria
  • Bluma "Blu" GreenbergAmerican historian and author

Bluma in Pop Culture

  • Bluma Briefcharacter in anime "Dragonball" (Bulma in English dub)