"a green gemstone"

Peridot Origin and Meaning

The name Peridot is a girl's name of Arabic origin meaning "a green gemstone".

Peridot is the gem of the month of August, a vibrant green mineral, said to be good for helping people put the past behind them, and an interesting, undiscovered jewel name. It was regarded in ancient times as the symbol of the sun.

Peridots figure in the mythologies of several cultures, including the ancient Egyptian and Roman. They are highly valued in Hawaii, where it is believed that they are the tears of the volcano goddess Pele.

If you want a truly original gem name, you might consider this instead of Opal or Ruby.

Peridot Popularity

Peridot in Pop Culture

  • Peridotcharacter in animated series Steven Universe
  • Peridotcharacter from web comic "Cucumber Quest"
  • Peridotcharacter in anime Jewelpet
  • Peridotalias of main character Thyrena Antuir in Pamela Memmott's Rightful