"God is my light"

Uriel Origin and Meaning

The name Uriel is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "God is my light".

It's the name of an Old Testament archangel that's symbolically given to boys born during Chanukah, but the possibility of unsavory nicknames (urinal?) make the short form Uri a better bet.

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Uriel Popularity

Famous People Named Uriel

  • Urielfather of Uzziah, son of Tahath, of the House of Gershom (1 Chr. 6:24)
  • Urielchief of the sons of Kohath (1 Chr. 15:5)
  • Urielgrandfather of Judean King Abijah (2 Chr 13:2)

Uriel in Pop Culture

  • Emperor Uriel Septim VII is the Emperor of Tamriel in the awardwinning video game series "The Elder Scrolls"
  • Urielan Angel on Supernatural
  • Urielan angel on FOX's Lucifer
  • Uriel Benedictcharacter in Jose Stirling series of "Benedict Brothers"