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Fisher Origin and Meaning

The name Fisher is a boy's name meaning "fisherman".

As a member of two trendy name categories, animal and occupational, this name broke into the Top 1000 in 2004 and would make a nice tribute to an angler Grandpa.

The best known bearer, Fisher Stevens, pulled a switcheroo on his birth name Steven Fisher. Fischer (another possible spelling) Black was a distinguished economist.

Fisher is a fairly common surname, whose bearers include the family of Eddie, Carrie, and Joely; actress Isla; food writer M.F.K. Fisher; and two legendary cartoonists: Bud Fisher, creator of "Mutt 'n' Jeff," and Ham Fisher, who invented Joe Palooka.

# 872 in the US

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# 1142 on Nameberry

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Fisher Popularity

Famous People Named Fisher

  • Fisher Stevens (born Steven Fisher)American actor
  • Fisher AmesU.S. Congressman from Massachusetts
  • Holt Fisher Smith (b. 2015)son of actors Tiffani Thiessen and Brady Smith

Fisher in Pop Culture

  • Colin Fishercharacter from "Bones"
  • Sam Fishercharacter from "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" series
  • FisherJackie's boyfriend on the American sitcom "Roseanne"
  • St. John Fisher College