Spanish, Italian and Russian

Lilia Origin and Meaning

The name Lilia is a girl's name of Latin, Hawaiian, Russian origin meaning "lily".

Lilia is pretty double L name that makes for sparkly, floral choice with plenty of international flair. More distinctive that Lily, less popular than Liliana, Lia, and Lilian, Lilia was a new entry to the US Top 1000 in 2023.

A truly cross-cultural choice, the lilting Lilia is heard among the Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, and Hawaiian communities and currently ranks in the UK, France, Poland, and Brazil. It has a number of spelling variations too, including Liliya, Lilya, and Lilja, meaning it ranks in Iceland and Finland too.

Notable namesakes include Lilia Skala, an Austrian-born Oscar-nominated actress, Lilia Podkopayeva, a Ukrainian gymnast; Lilia Buckingham, a dancer and actress; Lilia Stepanova, a Moldovian contortionist; and Lilia Esquilin, of Youtube fame.

Given to 270 babies in the US in 2023, Lilia is a lively and lovely spin on popular Lily.

# 957 in the US

Lilia Rank in US Top 1000

# 339 on Nameberry

Lilia Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Lilia Popularity

Famous People Named Lilia

  • Lilia PodkopayevaUkrainian Olympic gymnast
  • Lilia OsterlohAmerican tennis player
  • Lilia SkalaAustrian,American actress
  • Lilia KopylovaRussian dancer
  • Lilia PradoMexican actress
  • Lilia CuntapayFilipina actress
  • Lília CabralBrazilian actress
  • Lilia IzquierdoCuban Olympic volleyball player
  • Lilia AbadjievaBulgarian theater director
  • Lilia alAtrash, Syrian actress
  • Lilia CarrilloMexican painter
  • Lilia Estrin DallinLatvian Trotskyist
  • Lilia DizonFilipina actress
  • Lilia GildeevaRussian television journalist
  • Lilia LucianoPuerto Rican television journalist
  • Lilia MichelMexican actress
  • Lilia StepanovaMoldovan contortionist and TV personality
  • Lilia Jean Esquilin (b. 2010)daughter of American family vlogger Jessica Skube (Jesssfam on YouTube)
  • Lilia BuckinghamAmerican actress and competitive dancer
  • Lilia TarawaNew Zealand author and motivational speaker

Lilia in Pop Culture

  • LiliaLatin for "lilies" (the plural of lilium "a lily")
  • Lilia Herritoncharacter in E. M. Forster's 1905 novel 'Where Angels Fear to Tread'
  • LiliaJoshua's love interest in Cecil B. DeMille's 'The Ten Commandments' (1956)
  • "Lilia" song by Royz