Susanna Origin and Meaning

The name Susanna is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "lily".

Susanna is an old and under-appreciated name, perhaps because of the recent overpopularity of Susan, that is certainly due for a comeback.

The Susannah spelling is just as appropriate as Susanna. The two versions seem to have traded places over time as the dominant version. Neither spelling is in the Top 1000 at the moment, though we expect that will change over the next few years as more modern parents rediscover these beautiful Biblical names.

How is Susanna different from Susannah? The h-less version feels a bit more streamlined and modern, and might refer more directly to an ancestor named Ann or Anna. Susannah seems more old-school Biblical and more self-contained, while Susanna resembles a smoosh name: Sue + Anna. But Susanna and Susannah are pronounced the same and are equally beautiful.

A European short form of Susanna that's become popular: Sanna or Sanne.

# 986 in the US

Susanna Rank in US Top 1000

# 1138 on Nameberry

Susanna Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Susanna Popularity

Famous People Named Susanna

  • SusannaBiblical figure in the book of Daniel
  • Susanna KaysenAmerican memoirist
  • Susanna Lee Hoffslead singer of American band The Bangles
  • Susanna Shakespeare Halleldest daughter of William Shakespeare
  • Susanna Mary ClarkeEnglish fantasy novelist
  • Susanna CentlivreEnglish playwright and poet
  • Susanna ThompsonAmerican actress
  • Susanna GrossEnglish journalist and newspaper editor
  • Susanna Victoria ReidEnglish TV journalist
  • Susanna AgnelliContessa Rattazzi, first woman Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Susanna in Pop Culture

  • Susanna Thompsoncharacter in movie "The Way Way Back"
  • "Oh! Susanna" popular song by Stephen Foster