International Faves: Top names across the globe

International Faves: Top names across the globe

As we eagerly await the revelation of what the top names were in the US last year, we thought it might be fun to see what international faves were heading the lists in other parts of the world.  Which American favorites were also among the three preferred choices in other countries (Jacob in Argentina, Noah in Belgium)?  And which names shone internationally in their local variations (eg Lucas, Lukas, Luka).  Are there some less familiar names worthy of importing (FlorenciaZuzannaNoam?).

We’ve taken a look at the three highest-ranking names across the globe in the last year counted and here are the most interesting results, with the American rankings for comparison.


Alice#2 in Sweden (Number 172 in the US)

Ana#2 in Brazil

Ava#3 in Scotland (Number 5 in the US)

Ayatop name in Libya

Camila#3 in Puerto Rico

Catalina, #3 in Chile

Chloe# 3 in Australia (Number 9 in the US)

Constanza, #2 in Chile

Emily#2 in Ireland (Number 6 in the US)

Emma—_top name in France, Belgium and Norway, #3 in Netherlands and Ireland (_Number 3 in the US)

Florenciatop name in Uruguay, #3 in Chile

Giuliatop name in Italy

Isabella—_top name in Denmark and Australia (top name in the US)_

Jazmin#3 in Argentina

Julia—_top name in Poland, #2 in Netherlands, #3 in Brazil and Sweden (Number 55 in the US)_

Juliette#3 in Quebec

Kamila#2 in Puerto Rico

Léa—top name in Quebec, #3 in Belgium

Louise#2 in Belgium

Luciatop name in Spain

Maja—_top name in Sweden (Number 67 in the US)_

Maria—_top name in Brazil (Number 86 in the US)_

Maria Fernanda#1 in Mexico

Mariam#3 in Tunisia

Martinatop name in Chile

Maya# 3 in Israel (Number 67 in the US)

Mia#1 in Puerto Rico (Number 10 in the US)

Morena#2 in Argentina

Noa—top name in Israel

Nora# 3 in Norway (Number 159 in the US)

Olivia—_top name in England and Ontario, #2 in Scotland (Number 4 in the US)_

Ruby# 2 in Australia (Number 113 in the US)

Shira#2 in Israel

Sophie top name in Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, #2 in Norway (Sophie is 59 in the US, Sophia #2)

Valentina top name in Argentina (Number 152 in the US)

Valeria#2 in Mexico

Ximena–#3 in Mexico

Zuzanna#3 in Poland


Angel#2 in Puerto Rico

Aziatop name in Tunisia

Bentop name in Germany

Benjamintop name in Chile (Number 22 in the US)

Diego–#2  in Mexico

Dimitrios#3 in Greece

Eliastop name in Finland

Emiltop name in Norway

Gabriel#3 in Brazil (Number 21 in the US)

Giorgios—top name in Greece

Harry#3 in the UK (Number 658 in the US)

Ian#3 in Puerto Rico

Itai–#2 in Israel

Jack#2 in the UK and Australia (Number 44 in the US)

Jacob#2 in Argentina (top name in the US)

Jakobtop name in Czech Republic

Joaquin#3 in Argentina

João—top name in Brazil

Jules#3 in France

Konstantinos#2 in Greece

Leon#2 in Germany

Lucas—(#2 in Netherlands, Belgium and France; Lucas/Lukas–#3 in Germany and Sweden (Number 35 in the US),

Luistop name in Mexico

Luka—top name in Croatia

Lukas–#2 in Austria

Marko#3 in Croatia

Mathias#2 in Norway

Matías–#3 in Chile

Maximiliantop name in Austria

Miguel Angel top name in Mexico (Michael is Number 3 in the US)

Nathantop name in France, #3 in Belgium (Number 27 in the US)

Nicolás—# 3 in Uruguay (Nicholas is Number 38 in the US)

Noahtop name in Belgium (Number 7 in the US)

Noam–#1 in Israel

Olivertop name in the UK, #3 in Australia (Number 88 in the US)

Oscar—_top name in Sweden (Number 147 in the US)_

Pedro#2 in Brazil

Rentop name in Japan

Santiago#2 in Uruguay

Semtop name in Netherlands

Tobias#3 in Austria (Number 519 in the US)

Tomás—# 3 in the Czech Republic (Thomas is Number 62 in the US)

Uri#3 in Israel

Vicente#2 in Chile

William—top name in Australia and Denmark, #2 in Sweden, #3 in Norway (Number 5 in the US)


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