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Gender: Male Meaning of Maximilian: "greatest" Origin of Maximilian: Latin Maximilian's Popularity in 2017: #464

The name Maximilian is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "greatest". Maximilian is ranked #464 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Saints' Names For Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Baby a Day".

From the experts:

This name once seemed a bit grand and pompous for an American baby boy, but a significant number of parents are now preferring it as a substantial platform for the nickname Max, among them Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, who chose it for their twin son.

Maximilian was a traditional royal name among the Hapsburgs in Austro-Hungary and also in Bavaria. In literature, it appears as the husband of Rebecca in the eponymous novel and also in The Count of Monte Cristo. Maximilian Schell was a highly respected Austrian actor who won a Best Actor Academy Award in 1961.

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Famous People Named Maximilian

Maximilian I and II, Holy Roman Emperors
Maximilian I (Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph), Emperor of Mexico
Maximilian I Joseph, King of Bavaria
Maximilian II, King of Bavaria
Maximilian III Joseph, Elector of Bavaria
Maximilian I and II Emanuel, Electors of Bavaria
Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Polish Holocaust martyr
Maximilian Günther, German racing driver
Maximilian Schell, Swiss actor
Maximilian Paul Diarmuid "Max" Irons, British actor
Maximilian Alexander Friedrich Wilhelm, Margrave of Baden, German prince
(Alexander Philipp) Maximilian, Prince of Wied-Neuwied, German explorer, ethnologist and naturalist
Maximilian Nikolaus Maria, Prince of Liechtenstein, son of Prince Hans-Adam II
Maximilian, Prince of Saxony, Duke of Saxony, German priest
Maximilian Maria Joseph Anton Johann Baptist Johann Evangelista Ignaz Augustin Xavier Aloys Johann Nepomuk Januar Hermenegild Agnellis Paschalis, Prince of Saxony
Maximilian Elias Berger (b. 2001), son of Wesley Berger; descendant of Britain's Queen Victoria
Maximilian David "Max" Muñiz (b. 2008), son of singers Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony
Maximilian Benedikt Bernadotte (b. 2010), son of Count Christian Wolfgang of Wisborg; great-great-grandson of King Gustav V of Sweden
Maximilian Regan (b. 2012), son of actors Vincent Regan and Amelia Curtis
Maximilian Bohlen (b. 2013), son of singer Dieter Bohlen
Oscar Maximilian Jackman (b. 2000), son of actor Hugh Jackman
Maximilian Rainier Casiraghi (b. 2018), son of fourth in line to the Monegasque throne Andrea Casiraghi and American-born socialite and heiress Tatiana Santo Domingo, brother to Alexandre Andrea Stefano and India Julia
Maximilian Griffin (b.2018), son of actress Cush Jumbo and Sean Griffin
Maximilian Thiel, German professional footballer
Maximilian "Max" Meyer, German professional footballer

Pop Culture References for the name Maximilian

Maximilian Morrel, character in "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas
Maximilian de Winter, character in the novel Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
Maximilian "Maxie" Zeus, character in DC Universe
Maximilian "Max" Shreck, character in DC Universe
Maximilian Veers, Imperial General in the "Star Wars" series
Maximillian Lionfang, villain in Artix Entertainment's MMORPG "AdventureQuestWorlds"

Maximus, Maxi, Mack, Max, Maxymilian, Maxemilion, Maximilianus, Maxy, Maks, Maxey, Maxie, Maxemilian

Maximilian's International Variations

Maximilliano, Maximiano, Maximino, Mancho, Macimilian, Maximillano, Maximiliano, Chilano, Mascimiliano (Spanish) Maximo, Massimo (Italian) Maximilien, Maxime (French) Maxim, Maksim (Russian) Maximos (Greek) Maksym, Maksymilian (Polish)


LaulenaG Says:


I love this name! The king of "Max" names! I named a peacock Maximilian. Love.

eve Says:


magnis is stoopid maximilan is best ty

JH Says:


We did!

headintheclouds Says:


Love it. Maximilian is one of the best long boy's names out there, and it really lives up to its meaning, all grand and imposing with the ready-made appealing nickname Max for everyday. I personally prefer it as a middle name though; I like the idea of pairing this with a shorter first name for counter-balance, e.g. James Maximilian, Henry Maximilian.

EW314 Says:


Do it!

EW314 Says:


Gorgeous, refined, and substantial. I absolutely love it, and I love the most intuitive nickname Max as well.

My husband is called Maximilian and his family often call him Mill, which might be a nice, unconventional nickname option for those who want a more stand-out name.

EW314 Says:


I have the exact same issue! I ADORE Maximilian - it's an amazing name - but I had to go and marry one! And I'm really not a fan of Jr. names.

JH Says:


Really love this name. Possibly using it if we are blessed with boy #3!

indiefendi2 Says:


For a girl I'd just take of the Maxi part and make it Miliana! Maximilian is a stunning name.

Shea Says:


I agree:) we call our Maximilian. Max

Shea Says:


You should name him Maximilian then:) my 2nd son is Maximilian David:) my oldest is Alexander Brittain.. Which is my husband's name.. Brittain David!

jeanniebear Says:


I'm in love with this name. It's my hubby's name!!! I feel like giving up & giving our baby boy his name! I can't find the perfect name for him! This is perfect to me!

Guest Says:


Love the nickname Max!

Guest Says:


What a strong name! So many cool variations too like Massimo, Maxwell, Maxim, Maximus, Magnus, etc. I absolutely adore this name.