Gender: Female Meaning of Chloe: "young green shoot" Origin of Chloe: Greek Chloe's Popularity in 2019: #24

Chloe Origin and Meaning

The name Chloe is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "young green shoot".

Chloe appeared in Greek mythology as an alternative name for the goddess of agriculture and fertility, Demeter. She was referred to as Chloe in the spring months, due to the name’s relation to sprouts and growth. Chloe is also mentioned in the New Testament as the name of a Greek Christian woman.

Considerably more dynamic than most of the other Greek-based romantic literary names of the seventeenth century, Chloe is a pretty springtime name symbolizing new growth, though by no means as fresh as it once was. Though it's down a bit from its all-time peak position of Number 9 in 2009, it's still a popular choice as well as one of the most classic names for girls. Chloe has been also mega-popular throughout Great Britain, Australia, and Canada. The creative spelling Khloe has been moving up as well, thanks solely to the Kardashian klan.

While Chloe has not been used for any recent celebrity babies, it is the name of the now-grown daughters of Olivia Newton-John and of Candice Bergen and the late French film director Louis Malle. Actress and style leader Chloe Sevigny is another high-profile bearer, as is rising young star Chloe Grace Moretz.

Chloe is a titular character in the Greek pastoral romance Daphnis and Chloe, appears in Uncle Tom's Cabin, and is the real name of Nobel prize-winning writer Toni Morrison.

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Famous People Named Chloe

Pop Culture References for the name Chloe

Khloe, Chlöe, Clo, Cloey, Chloie, Cloie, Chloee, Kloe, Cloe, Khloey, Cloei

Chloe's International Variations

Chloé (French)


Annabvella Says:


My name's Chloe and I kind of have a love hate relationship with it. On one hand I like the sound and look of it, but on the other hand I hate how it's so popular and how it gets misspelled, (Chole, Kloey, Clohe, ETC). But other than that It's a cute name. I don't really see the hate with it.. People say that when they hear this name they envision a bratty cheerleader or smth. People also say that this name is too trendy and modern.. But when I hear it I envision a beautiful young woman in the 1800's-early 1900's era who's really sweet and cheerful. BUT ANYWAYS, It's a cute name, It's really popular- but it's not as popular as a lot of other names. (Isabella, Olivia, Ava, Evelyn, ETC).

ineednamesforstories Says:


my name is chloe. i like it. i don’t love it. right now this is the first year i am at a school where there are no other chloes so that makes me like my name more. the name is very pretty but sort of sounds like it’s made up haha. it’s too popular but i’m okay with this name. i think your daughter might be sad that she’s not the only chloe, just like i was, though.

Annnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaa Says:


This is my name and i'm honestly not a huge fan of it, one reason as to why is bc it's too common and i can't go anywhere without hearing the name- especially the nicknames. i used to be called "chloesterol" and "chlown" by my friends when i was younger and I HATED it. i'm changing it to Anna though so it's all good :)

GenEric Says:


Why is this name in particular associated with bratty girls? It's not a bad name.

indiefendi2 Says:


I'm all but floored that 86 year old Toni Morrison is reall a Chloe. I stand by my belief that I cannot seem to envision Chloe on anyone older than 25.

indiefendi2 Says:


Ironically, Greek names that start with C are traditionally spelled with a K, the C versions are latinized. Cynthia in Greek is Kynthia. Cassandra is Kassandra. etc. but somehow Chloe isn't Khloe and it is considered the trendy American version. 👀

josephinedagnall Says:


I'm not a particular fan of this name. There's just something about seeing it written down that doesn't appeal to me, even though I usually like Greek and French names. I just dislike names that end in an e sound, so maybe that's it...

Chloe14 Says:


My name is Chloe! I have always loved my name!

Viđya Betesh Says:


As a dyslexic I dislike this name immensely! In my head I say it like CH(as in cheese)+LOW (Chlow). It should be spelled Cloey or Clo-ie... Such a common name too!

Williams Web Solutions Says:


my daughters name is chloe :)

paulapuddephatt Says:


I like Chloe myself, although the first Chloe I knew was a cat, but I don't hold that against the name. I don't like when people use accents on Chloe and Zoe in English-speaking countries though, or put a "y" on the end - see that more with Zoe - Zoey, yuk - sorry! I love Zoe, with the normal spelling.

cellularconfusion Says:


This is my name and I've never really liked it. I'm not a fan of the sound or the spelling at all. It doesn't help that it's commonly spelled wrong - Chole, Clohe etc! I've always envied my friends who have absolutely lovely names such as Emma, Roisín, Adelaide & Isabella. I actually don't mind Cleo too much though!

danirose01 Says:


I really dislike the way it looks, but the sound is kind of cute

roseofjune Says:


I love Chloe but I'm sad to see how popular it has gotten! A lot of people seem to dislike Chloe in the comments.. not sure why. I wouldn't have minded being called Chloe. A good alternative (if you find Chloe too popular) is Cleo! (Which means 'glory' and is also Greek!)

Asalison Says:


No, they are only getting more popular.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I love the alternative spelling, too. I knew I couldn't be the only one. 😃

paulapuddephatt Says:


The first time I heard this name in use was for the next-door neighbour's cat, when I was a kid. It is cute, though - a little overused for a while, but still a lovely name - for a pet or a little girl. I have heard it used for a dog too, but honestly, there is way more overlap between potential names for people and animals, than many believe. I like Khloe, too. My predictive text wanted to alter that to Julie, which interestingly, I also love - but no, not what I was trying to type.

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


I mean Chloe is nice and it's pretty and I really like it, but to me it I feel like it needs a break. (This is just me so please don't take this personally). On the other hand the spelling variant Khloe has a lot of punch and wow factor and only just scrapes the top 100.

Daiseymae Says:


or that surgically altered daughter of Olivia Newton-John.

Daiseymae Says:


It is ridiculously common.

Daiseymae Says:


I like your name way better.

xhart Says:


This is one of those few names that I dislike with a passion. I hear it and I automatically think of a mean queen bee type girl, similar to Madison or Marissa. I don't know what it is or why, and no matter how many Chloe's I meet, I still think the exact same thing. Also, it's a name that doesn't age well. I can't imagine a grandmother named Chloe, or anyone over like 24 in actuality.

heavenforbid Says:


As an adult Chloe I can say she probably won't have a problem with mispronunciation- it will be misspelling!
Chole is the most common misspelling I get (and also the most annoying) but I also get Clhoe and variants on the name like Cloe.

heavenforbid Says:


I'm a 25 year old Chloe and (so far) not found it to be a problem; meaning I get taken seriously in work and nobody has ever commented that it feels "little girly" or anything. I feel like it's been a nice name to grow up with!

Wittyusername103 Says:


Didn't they say that back in 2007 too?

Chloe Says:


My name is Chloe, and I HATE IT! Not to say that a lot of other people would love the name, but it is way to common, and way too feminine. It doesn't match my personality, and I don't really look like a Chloe, either. Also, my siblings are named Samara and Ian. SAMARA AND IAN. *one of these things is not like the others*. Plus, I don't identify as a girl or with girls. SOOOO yeah. It sucks. I'm trying to find more masculine or androgynous nicknames for it so that I don't have to go by it anymore.

fromtheocean12 Says:


This is the problem with so many of my favorite names :( They work well on little girls up to teenagers, but I can't imagine them on adults or elderly women.

cabosanmucus Says:


For the entire life of me I can't envision a Chloe older than like 23.

elliejsmith Says:


This is a family name I'm considering using as a middle name, first name Sylvie. Except my great-grandmother pronounced it "clo" with one syllable. I think it helps to set it apart. But if I used it as a first name, I'm afraid my daughter would constantly have her name mispronounced.

lauren forstner Says:


The Kardashians will be irrelevant by the time a baby born now will be in school. This is a beautiful name that has ancient, strong roots and is great for a child or woman.

Jillian Says:


I love the name Chloe . I have another girl and name her Chloe Gabriella

snowsbeloved Says:


I've always loved this name. Still do in spite of the Kardashian association and its popularity. I named one of my American girl dolls Chloe Midnight lol

mandy Says:


Our daughter is Chloe Audrey. My husband picked the name after I named our boys i was not a fan at first because of how common it has become but it suits our little girl to a tee.

Liberty_Bell Says:


Awful name, really common in the UK, especially for chavs.

headintheclouds Says:


I hear Chloe everywhere! It's super popular- I meet lots of Chloes, starting from college-age down to pre-K and newborns. Despite its widespread popularity (and in general, I don't typically gravitate towards uber-popular names), I really like Chloe- it has an elegant chic vibe to it, has an interesting sound, and is modern-sounding with strong roots. I love the connection and symbolism to spring, nature and life too.

JustBrowsing Says:


beautiful name, but I wouldn't use it because of the Kardashians.

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


Why not? It does not sound childish at all. I think it sounds sheek, and stylish:)

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Actually the name is originally from Ancient Greece so this is the proper meaning

Georgie23 Says:


Well this is my name, I am 18. When I was younger I absolutely hated my name because I thought my mother made it up. When I finally found out it was a real name and not made up by my mother I liked it, and now it is incredibly popular but I enjoy meeting little Chloe's and telling them how beautiful their name is!

Bobcat108 Says:


I can never decide if I really like this name or it's making me think of the word "cloying."

miriam veblen Says:


The name is cute for a child but not an adult.

AudreyR Says:


I can never find the French meaning which is where this name is originally from.

Caroline Says:


Its too common and it makes me think of Khloe Kardashian!! Ughhh!! :-(

helenlouise Says:


Always loved the sound of this but it's just way way way too common.