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Gender: F Pronunciation: Fehr-NAN-da Meaning of Fernanda: "bold voyager" Origin of Fernanda: Feminine variation of Fernando, Spanish and Portuguese version of German Ferdinand Fernanda's Popularity in 2016: #461

Fernanda is very popular in the Latino community, currently ranked 461 on the U.S. list, with a lot more charm than its male counterpart. The standard nickname is Nanda, and variations include Ferdinanda and Fernandina.

Oscar-nominated Brazilian actress Fernanda Montenegro was born Arlette, but has said she chose Fernanda because of its 'sonority.' Fernanda Eberstadt is an American novelist and journalist; Brazil-born Fernanda Rocha is one of The Housewives of Orange County.

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Famous People Named Fernanda

Fernanda Montenegro (born Arlette Pinheiro Esteves Torres), Brazilian actress
(Maria) Fernanda Moreira Ribeiro, Portuguese Olympic distance runner
(María) Fernanda Gonzalez, Mexican Olympic swimmer
Fernanda Brandão, Brazilian singer
(María) Fernanda Arozqueta, Mexican singer and actress
Fernanda Cama Pereira Lima, Brazilian actress
Fernanda Garay, Brazilian volleyball player
Fernanda de Freitas, Brazilian actress
Maria Fernanda "Nanda" Barbato Alves, Brazilian tennis player
Maria Fernanda Cândido, Brazilian actress
María Fernanda Espinosa, Ecuadorian politician
María Fernanda Herazo, Colombian tennis player
María Fernanda Quiroz, Mexican actress
María Fernanda Malo, Mexican actress
María Fernanda del Carmen Morales, Mexican voice actress
María Fernanda Neil, Argentine actress and siner
Fernanda Ly, Chinese Australian model

Pop Culture References for the name Fernanda

Princess Fernanda, the main character in the fairy tale 'The Wise Princess'

Fern, Anda, Fernande, Nanda, Nan, Ferdinanda, Fernandina, Ferdinande, Fernandine, Annda