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Gender: F Origin of Ximena: Spanish, female variation of Spanish Ximeno, meaning uncertain Ximena's Popularity in 2015: #125

This is a variation of male name Ximeno, and also has an alternate spelling Jimena. Spanish origins and popularity in the Latino community have propelled tis name to Number 125 in 2015. Ximena Diaz was the wife of the Spanish national hero known as El Cid. Severak well known Latin American actresses bear this name

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Famous People Named Ximena

Jimena "Ximena" Navarrete (Rosete), Mexican model; Miss Universe 2010
Ximena Sarinana (Rivera), Mexican singer-songwriter
Ximena Duque (Giraldo), Colombian actress and model
Ximena Diaz, wife of Spanish national hero El Cid; ruler of Valencia
Ximena Bensusan, Canadian actress
Ximena Restrepo (Gaviria), Colombian Olympic sprinter
(Carla) Ximena Herrera (Bowles), Mexican actress
(María) Ximena Abarca (Tapia), Chilean singer and actress
Ximena Armas (Fernández), Chilean painter
(Laura) Ximena Zamora (Moreano), Miss Ecuador 2005

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