Cato Origin and Meaning

The name Cato is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "all-knowing".

Cato conjures up images of ancient Roman statesmen and southern antebellum retainers; it could have revival potential, with its 'O' ending and the current interest in the names of Greek and Roman antiquity.

The Roman statesman known as Cato the Elder was born Marcus Portius, the Cato added in tribute to his natural sagacity, practical wisdom and political expertise.

Cato appears in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and, to go from the sublime to the ridiculous, in the Pink Panther movies--and Kato was The Green Hornet's valet. Cato is also a 21st century Hunger Games name, which could do more to spur its popularity than all its past history.

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Cato Popularity

Famous People Named Cato

  • Cato the ElderRoman statesman
  • Cato the YoungerRoman statesman, great,grandson of Cato the Elder
  • Cato JuneAmerican football player
  • Catopatriot spy and courier during the American Revolution

Cato in Pop Culture

  • Catothe male tribute from District 2 in the first installment of "The Hunger Games" series portrayed by Alexander Ludwig
  • Cato FongInspector Clouseau's manservant in the Pink Panther movies
  • CATONASA mission control position (Communications And Tracking Officer)
  • Catominor character in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"
  • Cato's Lettersseries of essays by John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon
  • Cato Neimoidiaplanet in the Star Wars series
  • Dr Catocharacter in the Planet of the Apes movies
  • Quintus Licinius Catoprotagonist in Simon Scarrow's "Eagles of the Empire" book series