"brave counsel"

Conrad Origin and Meaning

The name Conrad is a boy's name of German origin meaning "brave counsel".

Conrad has a somewhat intellectual masculine image, a solid name that has been consistently on the popularity lists, especially well used in the 1920s and 30s, and given a pop of rock energy by the Elvis-like character of Conrad Birdie in Bye, Bye, Birdie--("We love you Conrad, oh yes we do!").

Conrad has been both a saints' name and a German royal appellation. One of its most well-known bearers is hotelier Conrad Hilton, great-grandfather of the Paris generation. Conrad was the prototypical Byronic hero of his poem "The Corsair." There have been fictive Conrads on shows like Weeds and CSI.

Corrado is the attractive Italian form.

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Conrad Popularity

Famous People Named Conrad

  • Conrad IV, Kings of Germany
  • Conrad Nicholson HiltonAmerican hotelier
  • Conrad ElvehjemAmerican biochemist
  • Conrad NagelAmerican actor
  • (Hans Walter) Conrad VeidtGerman actor
  • Conrad Potter AikenAmerican novelist
  • William ConradAmerican actor
  • Robert ConradAmerican actor
  • Joseph ConradPolish,British novelist
  • Conrad Stafford BainCanadian,American actor; twin brother Bonar Bain
  • Charles Conrad "Chad" LoweAmerican actor and brother of Rob Lowe
  • Conrad MurrayGrenadian personal physician of Michael Jackson
  • Conrad Moffat BlackBaron Black of Crossharbour, Canadian,British newspaper publisher
  • Conrad AnkerAmerican rock climber, mountaineer, and author
  • Conrad Scott (b. 2015)son of American actor Reid Scott

Conrad in Pop Culture

  • Conrad Birdietitle character in musical "Bye Bye Birdie"
  • Conrad Fishercharacter in Jenny Han's "The Summer I Turned Pretty" series
  • Conrad Graysoncharacter from American TV series "Revenge"
  • Conradcharacter in Shannon Hale's "The Goose Girl"
  • Conradcharacter on TV's "The Replacements"
  • Conrad Shepardcharacter on TV's "Weeds"
  • "Conrad" song by Jets to Brazil
  • Hermes Conradcharacter on TV's "Futurama"
  • "Conrad" song by Ben Howard
  • Conrad Jarrettmain character from movie "Ordinary People"
  • Conrad Eckliecharacter on TV's "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
  • Conrad Hawkinsdoctor on TV' "The Resident"
  • Conrad Rothcharacter in Tomb Raider 2013 Reboot