4 Elements Baby Names: Earth, Fire, Air, Water

March 8, 2016 elizabethS

By Stephanie Bruce

Nature names are an increasingly popular choices for little girls and little boys alike. From Aspen to Meadow, and from Nova to Zephyr, there’s certainly no limit to the choices available.

If you’d like to move away from the usual girls’ name nature picks, however, consider finding inspiration from the four elements: earth, fire, water, and air.

Names that mean earth


Demi is an upward trending name (from #733 in 2013 to 632 in 2014) that offers familiarity and style. This name is most famously worn by Demi Moore and Demi Lovato, both actresses with the longer name of Demetria, which is an old Greek name meaning “follower of Demeter.”


If you like the sound of Maia but don’t like its popularity, this name may be right for you. Gaia was the primal Goddess in the ancient Greek religion – she was the mother of all, including the Titans, and the creator and giver of life. Her name literally translates into “earth mother.” Emma Thompson used it for her daughter in 1999.


This Latin name translates to “earth” and is a good pick for those who like short and sweet names. Terra peaked in the 70s and 80s (hovering around the 300s and 400s in popularity), but it hasn’t been in the Top 1000 since 1996 when it ranked at #944.

Names that mean fire


Enya is an Irish name—actually a phonetic Angliciztion of Eithne— with two common meanings, “kernel” and “fire.” The latter meaning seems to come from a connection with the ever popular name Aidan, which means “little fire.” Enya is an rare selection that follows the increasingly popular trend of names beginning and ending in vowels, such as Ella, Ava, and Ivy, to name just a few.


Fia is the shortened form of Fiammetta, an elegant Italian name meaning “little fiery one.” This spunky name is easily pronounced, which makes it an attractive name option for those with family members spread throughout the world.


Seraphina is a stunning name that was taken from the Hebrew word, seraphim, meaning “burning ones,” in reference to a class of angels in heaven. Even though this name has gotten more attention in the past few years, most likely due to the arrival of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s second daughter, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, in 2009, it’s still surprisingly not on the SSA Top 1000 baby name list.

Names that mean water


Isla (EYE-la) shares its name with a Scottish river and a Scottish island (spelled Islay, but pronounced the same). Prior to the name’s resurgence in 2008, Isla hadn’t been a Top 1000 name since 1908 when it was ranked at #955. Now, however, Isla is Number 150 and is only expected to continue growing in popularity. It’s the fifth most popular girls’ name on Nameberry.


Kailani is a name of Hawaiian origin which translates to “sea and sky.” In 2013, this name appeared on the top 1000 SSA baby name list for the first time in at least 113 years. It’s ranked currently at #980, so if you’re looking for an uncommon name with rhythm and character, Kailani would be a refreshing choice.


Naida is a name that derives from the mythological Naiads, the nymphs who presided over fresh bodies of water, such as brooks, and streams. This name would give your child a connection to not only nature, but to mythology as well.

Names that mean air


A Greek goddess of the breeze, Aura offers itself as an unusual alternative to other “au” names, such as Audrey and Aurelia. In 1901, Aura made its appearance on the SSA baby name’s list at #922 but hasn’t appeared there since, though it’s currently 604 on Nameberry.


This beautifully flowing Arabic name translates to “eastern wind.” If you’re in the market for a not-so-obvious nature name, Sabiya is a striking choice.


Veata is a name in the Khmer language which is spoken predominantly in Cambodia. It means “breeze” and is another name possibility that doesn’t appear in the Top 1000.

What element-inspired name options have made your girls’ name short list?

Stephanie Bruce, known on Nameberry as elizabeths, is a content writer by trade and a self-proclaimed name nerd, she has been collecting names since the age of 10 and loves names with strong ties to history. She can be found at her website.

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Stephanie Bruce, known on Nameberry as elizabeths, is a content writer by trade and a Junior studying for her Bachelor's in history. As a self-proclaimed name nerd, Stephanie has been collecting names since the age of 10 and loves names with strong ties to history. She can be found at her website

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