All the Starbabies Born in July: 3 Amelies!

All the Starbabies Born in July: 3 Amelies!

By CaraMichelle

Once again, Cara has produced an incredibly comprehensive international list of new celebrity babies.

Among the highest profile arrivals: Liv Tyler‘s Lula Rose, Alannis Morissette’s daughter Onyx Solace, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s Violet, and the late David Bowie‘s first grandchild, Stenton David.

Here’s the compete list of celebrity July baby names:

Twins:Mace Joaquin and Vince Jaden, brothers of Jake and Senna (Willie Overtook and Marieke van Halem)MarieLore and MarieLynn, sisters of Axelle (Kurt Harris and Trisha Govaerts)Max (m) and Finn (m) (Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne)

Girls:Alisia (Nikolay and Annita Uchikov)Amélie, sister of Auke (f) and Rhune (f) (Frank Van Erum and Valérie Van den Berghe)Amelie, sister of Leon (Toni Kroos and Jessica Farber)Amelie Iris (George and Gemma Gilbey)Anastasia Kalomira, sister of Dimitris and Nikos (Michael Krikorian and Kalomira)Andrea Alexa, sister of Emanuel (m) (Emil Hallfreossen and Asa Maria)Anna Victoria (Sam Warburton and Rachel Thomas)Ariana (Steven Defour and Ornella Montagna)Avianna Maria, sister of Aria (Chris, Jr. and Leah Harris)Ayse Mira (Emre Vatansever and Yildiz Asyali)Bellatrix Athena (Ben Ainslie and Georgie Thompson)Caetana (Pedro Couceira and Mariana Sousa Gaspar)Camilla Ósk, sister of Henry and Gabriel (Ari Freyr Skulason)Christina, sister of Elena (Veggelis Tarasiadis and Despoina Kampouri)Daniela (Ander Herrera and Isabel Collado)Eleanor JaneNora”, sister of Arabella (Tim and Kate Urban)Everly Maeve, sister of Riley (f) (Jordi Vilasuso and Kailin Riley)FrancesFrankie”, sister of Charlie (m) (Jamie Afifi and Sarah Chalke)Ginevra (Michele Canini and Giulia Pitoni)Helena, sister of Alec (Frederik De Proft and Evy Gruyaert)Hendrix Estelle Sheba, sister of Cassius, Landon, Bobby, Jr., Bodhi (f), La’Princia (Bobby Brown and Alicia Etheredge-Brown)Isabel, sister of Sofia (Valon Behrami and Elena Bonzanni)Isabella (Donatello Piras and Rozemarijn Moggré)Isabella, sister of Joseph and Lola (Matt and Becky Banahan)Jelizah Rose, sister of Benjahmin, Elijah, Jesiah (m), Sion (m), Phoenix (f) (Dominique Schemmekes and Anouk Teeuwe)Julia (Jan and Daphne Bakelants)Julia (Tomas Koubek)Justice (Nate Parker & Sarah DiSanto)Knightley Lake (Mark Leslie Ford and Emma Caulfield)Kristina (Ilnur and Viktoria Zakarin)Leia Guusje, sister of Dean, Jimi, and Che (Dinand Woesthoff and Lucy Hopkins)Leni Gillian (Jay Robert and Nicole Thomson)Leonor (Pedro and Joana Mendes)Lily Grace Victoria (James Rothschild and Nicky Hilton)Lisa (Bülent Emrah Parlak and Burcu Gönder)Liv Zahara Mimi (Junte Uiterwijk and Kinza Ferjana)Lou, sister of Pien (f) (Maaike Kemmink and Merijn Doggen)Lula Rose, sister of Sailor (m), Milo, and Gray (m) (David Gardner and Liv Tyler) (shown)Maeve Maria, sister of Tijs and Kasper (Mark Gademan and Evelien Bosch)Maia (José Manuel Villalba and María Castro)Maria (Sergey Bezrukov and Anna Matison)Matilda (Mario Suarez and Malena Costa)Matilde (Manuele and Chiara Boaro)Mia (Hector and Irene Moreno)Mieke Fleur (Nick and Florence Abendanon)Milena, sister of Harriette and Isabelle (Ben Cohen and Kristina Rihanoff)Milou (Reinder Nummerdor and Manon Flier)Molly Sullivan (Kevin Manno and Ali Fedotowsky)Noa (Felipe Caicedo and Maria Garcia)Olivia Mia (Jetske Schrijver)Onyx Solace, sister of Ever (m) (Mario Treadway and Alanis Morissette)Ora Reece, sister of Beacon (Jordan and Lauren Burroughs)Payton June, sister of Foster (f) (Ike Barinholtz and Erica Hanson)Penelope (Alessandro Florenz and Ilenia Atzori)Perrie Dollie, sister of Lacey (Steven Naismith and Moya Farrell)Phoebe Wilow, sister of Chris (m), Jack, Daniel, Luke, James, Josh, Max (m), Oscar, Casper, Sophie, Chloe, Millie, Katie, Ellie, Aimee, Tillie, and Hallie (Noel and Sue Radford)Rocky (Davy Pröpper and Mandy van Ginkel)Romie (Virgile and Sarah Bruni)Sage Nicole (Brandon Putnam and Taylor Earnhardt Putnam)SavannahBlu, sister of Nirvana (Sallie Axl)Teagan Elizabeth, sister of Atiim, Chason, Brooklyn, Ella, and Riley (f) (Tiki Barber and Traci Lynn Johnson)Violet, sister of Hazel (John Krasinski and Emily Blunt)Vitória (Gonçalo Diniz and Sofia Cerveira)Vittoria (Davide Astori and Francesca Fioretti)Willow Mirela, sister of Wilfred (Owain Walbyoff and Natalie Pinkham)Zyla Moon Oluwakemi (Wale and Claudia Alexis Jourdan)

Boys:Ahil (Aayush Sharma & Arpita Khan)Andrea, brother of Nicolo and Aurora (Manuel Pasqual and Mirca Ronchiato)Angel, brother of Antonia, Aylén, and Giulie (Matías Fernández and Alejandra Santibánez)Angelito Zonzo Jan (John and Marina West)Benjamín, brother of Mathías (Bryan Ruiz and Carolina Jaikel)Bodhi Burton (Burt Jenner and Valerie Pitalo)Connor Mace, brother of Peyton (m) (Daniel Rewis and Summer James)Desmond Daniel (Dan and Chelsea Gheesling)Diego (Marcus Ornellas and Ariadne Díaz)Easton Thomas (Scott Elrod and Vanessa Vazart)Elijah (Ekrem “Eko Fresh” and Sarah Bora)Emanuel (Sergio Henao and Carolina Caicedo)Ernest Zhang “Finn”, brother of Maverick (Ernie and Cindy Halvorsen)Foivos (Kostas Voutsas and Aliki Katsavou)Frederick Easton (Chris and Laina Klein)Frederik, brother of Alberte (f) (Michael and Trine Morkov)Hanson, brother of Yasmin (Neil Davies and Alex Fletcher)Hendrix, brother of Adam (Adam Gregory and Sheridan Sperry)Iker, brother of Noah (Emiliano and Tatiana Insúa)Jesus, brother of Diego, Isidora, Raffaela, and Rebeca (Luis Antonio Jiménez and Maria José López)Joao Mario, brother of Mafalda (Jorge Faustino and Katia Guerreiro)Joas, brother of Lara (Alberto Stegeman and Judith Krom)José (Luisa Sobral)Joshua, brother of Aiden (Antonie and Samantha Claassen)Laurin René, brother of Matteo (Marwin and Patricia Hitz)Léo (Audrey Lamy)Leonardo, brother of Marcello, Francesco, and Niccolo (Giuseppe Mascara and Ramona Taiani)Levi William (Kyle Mark Johnson and Alex Murrel)Liam (Christian Kabasele and Priscillia Velegan)Liam, brother of Josh (Tony Parker and Axelle Francine)Markuss (Carlos Baute and Astrid Klisans)Martin, brother of Fede (Bryan Oviedo and Angie Alfaro Loria)Max, brother of Raphael (Filip Meert and Alizée Pulicek)Moos, brother of Daantje (f) (Pieter Derks and Noortje Buiting)Niko, brother of Irati (f) (Eneko Bóveda and Anetzu Ibarra)Oscar Holly (Nicky Marmet and Robin Tunney)Roan James (Carson McKay and Erin Chambers)Roman (Paul Cashmore and Tina Barrett)Ryan, brother of Adam (Omar El Kaddouri and Camilla Delfrate)Salvatore, brother of Samuel (Jonathan Costa and Antonia Fontanelle)Samuel Thomas (Sean and Catherine Lowe)Santiago (Diogo Clemente and Carolina Deslandes)Stenton David (Duncan Jones and Rodene Ronquillo)Thor (Kristanna Loken and Jonathan Bates)Valentino (Jeffrén Suárez)Vasco (Ana Marta Ferreira)Waylon James (Chris Long and Megan O’Malley)

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