Hebrew, short variation of Bathsheba
"daughter of an oath"

Sheba Origin and Meaning

The name Sheba is girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "daughter of an oath".
This biblical place-name for the region now known as Yemen started to feel fresh again as the name of the heroine of Zoe Heller's Notes on a Scandal, played on screen by Cate Blanchett.

Sheba is probably more ready for prime time than the long-form mother name, although Bathsheba, which means "seventh daughter," has a rich Biblical and literary history.

The Queen of Sheba was a monarch of the ancient kingdom of, yes, Sheba

Sheba Popularity

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Famous People Named Sheba

  • Bathsheba Nell "Sheba" CrockerAmerican diplomat
  • Sheba KarimAmerican novelist
  • Sheba Sharrow (19262006), American painter, member of the “Chicago School” of imagist painters

Sheba in Pop Culture

  • King of Shebasee Psalm 72:10
  • "merchants of Sheba" (Ezekiel 27:22)
  • Bathsheba "Sheba" Hartmain character in "Notes on Scandal"
  • Sheba Ormatroydmain character in 1919 film "Sheba"
  • Sheba Shaynetitle character in 1975 blaxploitation film "Sheba, Baby"
  • Shebadog in play/film "Come Back, Little Sheba"
  • Shebacharacter in video game "Golden Sun"
  • Lieutenant Shebacharacter in TV's original "Battlestar Galactica"
  • "Sheba" song by Mike Oldfield
  • Etymology: said to be related to shivah (feminine sheva) "seven" and to nishba "he swore," originally "he bound himself by (the sacred number) seven"
  • Shebafound in biblical girls' names Elisheba and Jehosheba
  • Shebabrand of cat food