French diminutive pet form of Francoise
"from France or free man"

Francine Origin and Meaning

The name Francine is girl's name of French origin meaning "from France or free man".
With the advent of Pope Francis, all forms of this ancient and saintly name came up for a fresh look. Along with most other -een and -ine (when pronounced like -een) names for girls, Francine has a dated midcentury Mad Men feel. But its choice for their daughter by modern glamour couple Casey Neistat and Candice Pool, respectively a video star and a jewelry designer, has made Francine chic again.

Francine was most popular in her native habitat in the 1940's, while in the U.S. she hit her peak in 1950 at Number 224. A contemporary bearer is writer Francine Prose and comic actress Fran Drescher was born Francine. There are also Francines in two animated TV series: Arthur and American Dad.

Francine Popularity

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Famous People Named Francine

  • Francine AmaralBrazilian Model
  • Francine Hurd BarkerAmerican singer
  • Francine BergeFrench actress
  • Francine BoucherAmerican singer
  • Francine Dee BlauAmerican economist
  • Francine Descartesdaughter of renowned French philosopher René Descartes'
  • Francine Joy "Fran" DrescherAmerican actress, Director and Philanthropist
  • Francine FournierAmerican pro wrestler
  • Francine EveretteAmerican singer and actress
  • Francine du Plessix GrayFrench writer
  • Francine JamesJamaican Super Model
  • Francine LacquaEnglish TV personality
  • Francine LalondeCanadian politician
  • Francine LewisEnglish actress and comedian
  • Francine LockeAmerican actress
  • Francine MaislerAmerican director
  • Francine MusseyFrench actress
  • Francine Neistatdaughter of youtuber and film maker Casey Neistat
  • Francine PrietoFilipina actress
  • Francine ParksAmerican model
  • Francine Rubin PascalAmerican novelist
  • Francine PelletierCanadian novelist
  • Francine ProseAmerican novelist
  • Francine RacetteFrench,Canadian actress
  • Francine ReedAmerican singer
  • Francine Farkas SearsAmerican designer
  • Francine ShapiroAmerican psychologist
  • Francine Slobodnikprofessional female body builder and visual artist
  • Francine StockEnglish novelist
  • Francine TackerAmerican actress
  • Francine Turkcontemporary Fine Artist
  • Francine VilleneuveCanadian jockey
  • Francine Jordi WienSwiss singer
  • Francine YorkAmerican actress and model
  • Francine WeisweillerFrench socialite and patron of Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Cocteau
  • Francine ZaslowAmerican photographer
  • Francine Sandra RiversAmerican novelist
  • Francine Vallidaughter of singer Frankie Valli

Francine in Pop Culture

  • "Francine" song by ZZ Top
  • "Francine" indie rock band from Finland/Boston
  • Francinecharacter in film "Paris, je t' aime"
  • Francine "Francie" Calfocharacter on TV's "Alias"
  • Francine Evanscharacter in film "New York, New York"
  • Francine Glattcharacter in "In the Mood"
  • Francine Hansoncharacter on TV's "Mad Men"
  • Francine Jonescharacter on TV's "Doctor Who"
  • Francine Osbornecharacter on British soap "Hollyoaks"
  • Francine "Fran" Sheffieldcharacter on TV's "The Nanny," played by Francine "Fran" Drescher
  • Francine Smithcharacter on TV's "American Dad"
  • Francine "Francie" Jarvischaracter on TV's "Gilmore Girls"
  • Francine Westcharacter on TV's "The Flash"
  • Francine Carrutherscharacter on TV's "Electric Company"
  • Francine Alice Frenskycharacter on TV's "Arthur"
  • Francine Desmondcharacter on 1980's TV show "Scarecrow & Mrs. King"