Kevin Origin and Meaning

The name Kevin is boy's name of Irish origin meaning "handsome".
Kevin was derived from the name Caoimhín, which originated from the Irish elements coém, meaning “handsome,” and gein, “birth.” The feminine name Caiomhe, anglicized as Keeva, comes from the same origins. Kevin was first popularized by the seventh century Saint Kevin, who founded a scholastic monastery near Dublin and was rewarded by being made one of that city's patron saints.

Kevin has been waning in popularity in recent years—it dropped out of the Top 100 for the first time since the Truman administration in 2017—and definitely seems more a dad's name than a baby's name these days. (Think Kevin Bacon, Kevin Costner, Kevin James).

In America, the Irish Kevin has had an impressive forty-plus years of popularity. However, in Germany, Kevin has become the poster child for names associated with lower social classes—essentially, names that feel very American. Kevinism has become slang for fleeting name phenomena, typically associated with pop culture trends. Kevin was the top boys’ name in France in the early 1990s—one of the first non-French names to hold the title.
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Famous People Named Kevin

  • Saint Kevin of GlendaloughIrish abbot
  • Kevin Norwood BaconAmerican actor
  • Kevin Andrew BridgesScottish comedian
  • Kevin Fitzgerald CorriganAmerican actor
  • Kevin Michael CostnerAmerican actor
  • Kevin Wayne DurantAmerican basketball player
  • Kevin Earl FederlineAmerican dancer
  • Kevin Maurice GarnettAmerican basketball player
  • Kevin Darnell HartAmerican actor and comedian
  • Kevin James (Knipfing)American actor and comedian
  • (Paul) Kevin Jonas IIAmerican musician
  • Kevin KilnerAmerican actor
  • Kevin AndersonAmerican actor
  • Kevin Delaney KlineAmerican actor
  • Kevin Wesley LoveAmerican basketball player
  • Kevin McCarthyAmerican actor
  • Kevin Michael McKeehan aka tobyMacAmerican Christian singer,songwriter
  • Kevin Edward McHaleAmerican basketball player
  • Kevin Michael McHaleAmerican actor and singer
  • Kevin McKiddScottish actor
  • Kevin NealonAmerican actor
  • Kevin O'LearyCanadian businessman
  • Kevin Oluwole OlusolaAmerican singer/beatboxer with group Pentatonix
  • Kevin Elliot PollakAmerican actor
  • Kevin Scott RichardsonAmerican singer
  • Kevin Michael Rudd26th Prime Minister of Australia
  • Kevin Patrick SmithAmerican film director and producer
  • Kevin David SorboAmerican actor
  • Kevin SpaceyAmerican actor
  • Kevin TigheAmerican actor
  • Kevin Hagan White45th mayor of Boston, USA
  • Kevin Edmund "Youk" YoukilisAmerican baseball player
  • Kevin "K.O." OlusolaAmerican musician
  • Kevin Kimmel (b. 1993)son of TV host Jimmy Kimmel
  • Kevin Conroy (b. 1955)American voice actor
  • Kevin Nash (b. 1959)American pro wrestler and actor
  • Kevin Owens (born Kevin Steen in 1984)American pro wrestler
  • Kevin HinesAmerican author and filmmaker, survivor of a suicide attempt off the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Kevin KrausGerman footballer
  • Kevin MüllerGerman footballer
  • Kevin LankfordGerman,American soccer player
  • Kevin DuBrowAmerican singer for Quiet Riot
  • Kevin Hicks (b. 1970)16 year old British boy who went and is still currently missing from Addiscombe, UK in 1986
  • Kevin O'ReillyIrish Youtuber

Kevin in Pop Culture

  • Kevinbird in the Disney/Pixar film "Up"
  • Kevinalternate version of narrator Cecil in podcast "Welcome to Night Vale"
  • Kevin Arnoldcharacter on TV's "The Wonder Years"
  • Kevin Entwhistlecharacter in J.K. Rowling's "The Original Forty"
  • Kevin Flynnmain character of the TRON film
  • Kevin Grantcharacter on TV series "Bracken's World"
  • Kevin Khatchadouriancharacter in book/movie "We Need To Talk About Kevin"
  • Kevin Langleycharacter in movie "Bean" played by Andy Lawrence
  • Kevin McCallistermain character in "Home Alone" film series
  • Kevin Myerscharacter in the "American Pie" series
  • Kevin Pricemain character in musical "The Book of Mormon"
  • Kevin Peytoncharacter on TV's "Nurse Jackie"
  • Kevincharacter from TV series "Supernatural"
  • Kevin Copelandcharacter in film "White Chicks"
  • Kevin Copelandcharacter in "The Mist"
  • Kevin Duvala character on TV's "Scream"
  • Kevin Wendell Crumbcharacter from "Split"
  • Kevincharacter from "Ed, Edd n Eddy"
  • Kevinminion in the "Despicable Me" movies
  • "Cousin Kevin" song by The Who
  • Kevin Kellarcharacter from the tv series "Riverdale"
  • Kevin Rayburncharacter in Netflix's "Bloodline"
  • Kevin Coznercharacter in TV series "Brooklyn Nine,Nine"
  • Kevin Malonecharacter from the show "The Office"
  • Kevin Keeneaka Captain N: The Game Master, from the NBC Saturday Morning Cartoon "Captain N: The Game Master"
  • Kevin Oldcharacter in Lemony Snicket's "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" and "File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents"
  • Kevin Brownalso known as "Agent K", a character from the "Men in Black" movies
  • "Kevin"a slang term originating from the website Reddit that refers to a person of low intelligence