Grandpa Names: The Ultimate Guide

Grandpa Names: The Ultimate Guide

Grandpa names are more inspired than ever before. These days, there are hundreds of options for grandfathers to choose from, while historically there were only a dozen or so names that signified grandpa status.

Modern grandpa names go beyond Grandad and Papa — although you may wish to use one of these traditional names! Grandpas today have creative names that reflect their grandpa personalities, with modern choices ranging from Ace to Gogi to Zuzo.

Read on for our advice on choosing a grandpa name and see our collection of 200+ grandpa names below. Be sure to check out our guide to grandma names, too!

How to Pick a Grandpa Name

There's a lot to consider when choosing a grandpa name. Would you prefer a traditional grandpa name or a modern grandpa name — i.e. should it sound like a grandpa name or not? What's your grandpa personality, and do you want your grandpa name to reflect that? Do you want a grandpa name with ties to your cultural identity?

Our lists below can help you find a grandpa name to suit your style, but keep in mind that the grandpa name you choose may not be the grandpa name that sticks! Young children have difficulty pronouncing certain sounds — because of this, some grandpa names take on lives of their own. A child who can't pronounce Bronco may end up calling your Boppo instead.

Grandpa names that are low-risk for evolving are vowel-heavy and use consonants that develop early, like B, M, P, D, T, N, and G — think BabaPopGomo, or Abba. L and R are slower-developing consonants, so names with those letters may be more likely to be mispronounced by your grandchild.

Classic Grandpa Names

Classic grandpa names are traditional terms for a grandchild to call their grandfather. Grandpa is the most classic of them all, but generations of grandfathers have answered to names like Pops, Gramps, Papa, and Grandad as well.

Here, the most traditional grandpa names.

1. Grampa

2. Gramps

3. Grandad

4. Grandaddy

5. Grandpa

6. Papa

7. Pop Pop

8. Pops

9. Poppa

10. Poppy

Southern Grandpa Names

Southern grandpa names come from America's Deep South, where you're likely to find grandfathers called Pawpaw or Bubba — even Grandpappy. Whether or not you have Southern roots, you may want a grandpa name with southern flavor for yourself.

11. Big Daddy

12. Big Paw

13. Bubba

14. Buck

15. Buster

16. Buzz

17. G-dad

18. Grampy or Grampie

19. Grandpappy

20. Grandpop

21. Pappy

22. Paps

23. Pawpaw

24. Peepaw

Cute Grandpa Names

Cute grandpa names are the sweetest around. Terms of endearment such as Bug and Buddy make sweet names for grandpas, along with cheerful words like Peppy and Buzzy.

Celebrities who use cute grandpa names include Cedric the Entertainer, who goes by Popsy, and Kurt Russell, who is known as Gogo.

25. Abba

26. Abi

27. Abush

28. Baba

29. Bampy

30. Bappy

31. Bigsy

32. Bingo

33. Boppa

34. Boppy

35. Buddy

36. Bug

37. Buggy

38. Buzzy

39. Chico

40. Dadu or Dadoo

41. Dodie

42. G

43. G-pa

44. Gamps

45. Gapi

46. Gomo

47. Goody

48. Goomo or Gumo

49. Gopa

50. Gradda

51. Graddy

52. Grady

53. Grampsie or Grampsy

54. Gruppa

55. Gummo

56. Gumpa

57. Gumpo

58. Kip

59. Lito

60. Lopa

61. Mozie or Mozey

62. Napa

63. Nono

64. Papa Bear

65. Papi

66. Pepe

67. Peppy

68. Pip

69. Pipo

70. Pippo

71. Po

72. Popo

73. Poppet

74. Poppo

75. Popsi or Popsy

76. Popso

77. Skipper

78. Wapa

79. Wolfy

80. Wompa

81. Zuzo

Funny Grandpa Names

Goofy, irreverent choices like Grumpy or even Goofy itself top our list of funny grandpa names. If you're a grandpa with a serious funny bone or you're expecting silly grandkids, you may be interested in one of these names.

Food names like Poptart and Gouda make especially funny grandpa names, as do names with fun sounds, such as Wompy and Boompa.

82. Ba

83. Bamps

84. Banfy

85. Bappa

86. Biggie

87. Big Kahuna

88. Bing

89. Bobo

90. Bompa

91. Boom Boom

92. Boomer

93. Boompa

94. Bosco

95. Bucky

96. Bugsy

97. Buzzer

98. Chip

99. Dodo

100. DooDad

101. Doogie

102. Fudge

103. G-dog

104. Gampo

105. Gampy

106. Gogi

107. Gonzo

108. Goofer

109. Goofy

110. Goomoo

111. Goopa or Goupa

112. Goopy

113. Goose

114. Gouda

115. Grampers

116. Grandgramp

117. Granzo

118. Gronny

119. Gronza

120. Gronzie or Gronzy

121. Gru

122. Grumps

123. Grumpy

124. Grupa or Groopa

125. Gumbo

126. Gumza

127. Gumzo

128. Jeepers

129. Jimbo

130. Moo

131. Moody

132. Pepsi

133. Pickle

134. Pogo

135. Popcorn

136. Popsicle

137. Popster

138. Poptart

139. Poptop

140. Sparky

141. Turtle

142. Wompy

143. Zaza

144. Ziggy

Badass Grandpa Names

These aren't your typical grandpa names. In fact, you could hardly even call these grandpa names!

Badass grandpa names include titles like Coach, Captain, and Jefe (the Spanish word for "boss", and former President George W. Bush's grandpa name), along with macho words like Ace, Spike, and Rocket. Some badass grandpas take inspiration from tough characters of fiction and history, including Popeye, Rambo, and Rollo.

145. Ace

146. Bam Bam

147. Banjo

148. Baz

149. Bazzo

150. Bear

151. Beebop

152. Biff

153. Big

154. Bigger

155. Big Man

156. Bix

157. Boss

158. Bronco

159. Buff

160. Butch

161. Captain

162. Champ

163. Chaz

164. Chief

165. Coach

166. Daddio

167. Deuce

168. Doc

169. Duke

170. Elvis

171. G-man

172. Gizmo

173. Grand-dude

174. Grand-man

175. Griffa

176. Honcho

177. Jedi

178. Jeep

179. Jefe

180. Jocko

181. King

182. Lucky

183. Mighty

184. Mister

185. Mitts

186. Moby

187. Moose

188. Popeye

189. Popper

190. Rambo

191. Rocket

192. Rocky

193. Rollo

194. Rowdy

195. Silver

196. Sir

197. Spike

198. Tiger

199. Tito

200. Tuna

201. Wolf

202. Zippo

Grandpa in Other Languages

Other names for grandpa come from international languages. Learn the Spanish name for grandpa, the Irish name for grandpa, and more in our collection of international grandpa names.

Afrikaans: Oupa

Arabic: Jaddi

Armenian: Papik

Basque: Aitona

Bulgarian: Dyado

Cantonese Chinese: Gung Gung (maternal), Yéye (paternal)

Catalan: Avi

Croatian: Djed

Danish and Norwegian: Bedstefar

Dutch and German: Opa

Filipino: Lolo

Finnish: Isoisä

Flemish: Bompa, Bompi

French: Grandpère

French-Canadian: Pépé, Pépère

Greek: Papou

Hawaiian: Tutu kane

Hebrew: Saba

Hindi: Nana (maternal), Daada, Baba (paternal)

Icelandic: Afi

Indonesian: Kakek

Irish: Daideo

Italian: Nonno

Japanese: Ojiisan, Jiji, Sofu

Korean: Hal-abeoji, Haraboji

Lithuanian: Senelis

Malagasy: Dadabe

Malay: Datuk

Mandarin Chinese: Yéye

Māori: Koroua, Koro, Tipuna, Tupuna

Mongolian: Övöö

Polish: Dziadek, Jaja, Jaji

Portuguese: Avô or Vovô

Russian: Dedushka

Samoan: Tamamatua

Serbian: Deda

Shona: Sekuru

Slovak: Dedko

Slovenian: Dedek

Somali: Awoowe

Spanish: Abuelo, Abuelito

Sudanese: Embah

Swahili: Babu

Swedish: Morfar (maternal) or Farfar (paternal)

Ukrainian: Didus

Vietnamese: Ông nội

Welsh: Taid

Yiddish:  Zayde or Zaydee

Zulu: Umkhulu

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