LOO-ee; LOO-is
German and French
"renowned warrior"

Louis Origin and Meaning

The name Louis is a boy's name of German, French origin meaning "renowned warrior".

Kate and William shocked the world when they announced that they'd named their third child Louis -- Prince Louis Arthur Charles, to be more precise. But we've been predicting a comeback for this classic name for a long time.

Both Louis and Lewis are already quite popular again in Britain. And several other high-profile parents —like actors Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman— beat the Duke and Duchess to the punch by naming their sons Louis years ago.

While the pronunciation in Britain is normally the French LOO-ee, in the US the final S is often pronounced. To get around the pronunciation confusion, many parents especially In the UK, go with the forms Louie or Lewis, with Louie ranking even higher than Louis. Lewis is in the Scottish Top 10.

# 237 in the US

Louis Rank in US Top 1000

# 99 on Nameberry

Louis Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Louis Popularity

Famous People Named Louis

  • Louis David RielCanadian politician
  • Louis IXV, Kings of France
  • Louis XVI (LouisAuguste), King of France
  • Louis XVII (LouisCharles), Dauphin (or King) of France
  • Louis XVIII (Louis Stanislas Xavier)King of France
  • Louis XIX (Louis Antoine)King of France [for 20 minutes]
  • (Charles)Louis,Napoléon Bonaparte aka Napoleon III, Emperor of France
  • Louis PhillippeKing of France
  • Louis I and IIKings of Hungary
  • Louis IIII, Kings of Naples
  • Louis IIV, Holy Roman Emperors
  • Louis IIII, Kings of Bavaria
  • Louis I and IIKings of Etruria
  • Louis I and II BonaparteKings of Holland
  • Louis I and IIPrinces of Monaco
  • Louis I (Louis Felipe)King of Spain
  • Louis FerdinandDauphin of France, son of Louis XV; father of Louis XVI
  • Louis AlexanderPrince of Battenberg, 1st Marquess of Milford Haven, grandfather of Britain's Prince Philip
  • Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas "Dickie" Mountbatten1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, uncle of Prince Philip
  • Louis Alphonse Gonzalve Victor Emmanuel Marc de BourbonDuke of Anjou, claimant to the French throne
  • Louis ArmstrongAmerican jazz trumpeter and singer
  • Louis Sebastian TherouxEnglish broadcaster
  • Louis Silvie "Louie" ZamperiniAmerican Olympic distance runner and WWII POW camp survivor
  • Louis Stanton AuchinclossAmerican novelist and lawyer
  • Louis ThauronFrench ice dancer
  • Louis William TomlinsonEnglish singer of group One Direction
  • Louis Nicholas VasquezAmerican football player
  • Louis Morris MurphyAmerican football player
  • Louis C.K. (born Louis Szekely)American comedian
  • Louis Burt MayerAmerican film producer
  • Louis Isadore Kahn (born ItzeLeib Schmuilowsky), American architect
  • (Michael) Louis Vincent WalshIrish entertainment manager
  • Louis Henry SullivanAmerican architect
  • Louis Francis Cristillobirth name of American actor and comedian Lou Costello
  • Louis Carl "Lou" DobbsAmerican TV personality
  • Louis Jude "Lou" FerrignoAmerican actor
  • Louis Cameron Gossett Jr.American actor
  • Louis Dearborn L'AmourAmerican novelist
  • Louis PrimaAmerican musician
  • Louis Thomas JordanAmerican musician
  • Louis Allen "Lou" RawlsAmerican singer
  • Louis SacharAmerican novelist
  • (Jules Eugène) Louis JouvetFrench actor and director
  • Louis VuittonFrench fashion designer
  • Louis Dembitz BrandeisU.S. Supreme Court Justice
  • Louis PasteurFrench chemist
  • Louis Richard "Lou" RukeyserAmerican financial journalist and TV commentator
  • Louis Charles Joseph Blériot French aviator and inventor
  • Louis BrailleFrench inventor
  • Louis RenaultFrench jurist
  • Louis Charles Philippe RaphaëlPrince of Orléans, Duke of Nemours; son of Louis,Philippe I of France
  • Louis Ferdinand (Friedrich Ludwig Christian)Prince of Prussia, soldier and composer
  • Louis MariaPrince of Bourbon,Two Sicilies, Count of Trani; son of Ferdinand II
  • Louis Ferdinand Oskar ChristianPrince of Prussia
  • Louis Charles (Friedrich Ludwig Karl)Prince of Prussia; son of Frederick William II
  • Louis (Aloys Franz de Paula Maria)Prince of Liechtenstein
  • Louis (Luigi Carlo Maria Giuseppe)Prince of Bourbon,Two Sicilies, Count of Aquila
  • LouisVictor,Pierre,Raymond, French physicist
  • Louis Eugène Félix NéelFrench physicist
  • Louis IgnarroAmerican pharmacologist
  • Louis JollietFrench explorer
  • Louis H. O. Ch. MichelBelgian politician
  • Louis Van LintBelgian painter
  • Louis "Lou" BoudreauAmerican baseball player
  • Louis Clark "Lou" BrockAmerican baseball player
  • Louis Eugene BullardAmerican NFL football player
  • LouisJoseph Chevrolet, French,American racing driver and automaker
  • Louis Alfred "Pinky" ClarkeAmerican Olympic runner
  • Aloysius Paulus Maria "Louis" van GaalDutch football manager
  • Louis Seymour Bazett LeakeyBritish paleontologist
  • Louis "Kid" KaplanUkrainian boxer
  • Louis PilotLuxembourgian footballer
  • Louis Herman "Red" KlotzAmerican basketball player
  • Louis RubensteinCanadian figure skater
  • Louis Laurent SahaFrench footballer
  • Louis HunterAustralian actor
  • Louis HofmannGerman actor
  • JeanLouis "Jack" Lebris de Kerouac, American novelist and poet
  • Louis Vincent Gerstner Jr.American former CEO of IBM
  • Louis Marie MalleFrench film director, screenwriter, and producer
  • Louis Xavier Marie GuillaumePrince of Luxembourg
  • Louis Gibsonson of American actor Mel Gibson
  • Louis Hugo Sage Jacksonson of YouTubers Ash and James Jackson
  • Louis Bardo Bullockson of American actress Sandra Bullock
  • Louis (b. 2010)Duke of Burgundy, son of Louis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou; twin of brother Alphonse, Duke of Berry
  • Louis Augustus Walton (b. 2013)son of actors Majandra Delfino and David Walton
  • Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge (b. 2018)Prince of the United Kingdom; son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Louis in Pop Culture

  • Louis de Pointe du Lacmain character in Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire"
  • Louis Weasleyson of Bill and Fleur Weasley in the "Harry Potter" series, brother of Dominique and Victoire Weasley
  • Louis Anthony Stevenscharacter on TV's "Even Stevens"
  • Louis Marlowe Littcharacter on TV's "Suits"
  • Louis "Lou" Vartanncharacter on TV's "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
  • Dom Louischaracter in "Dom Juan" by Moliere
  • Louisswan in "The Trumpet of the Swan" by E.B. White
  • "Louis" graphic novel series by metaphrog
  • Louischaracter in video game "Left 4 Dead"
  • Louis the Yard Teachercharacter in "Sideways Stories from Wayside School" by Louis Sachar, based on the author
  • Louis the Alligatorcharacter in Disney's "The Princess and the Frog"
  • Louis Tullycharacter in the "Ghostbusters" movies
  • Louis Gridley Wumain character in the "Ringworld" series by Larry Niven
  • Louis "Louie" Andersonmain character in "Life with Louie"
  • Louis Draxmain character in "The 9th Life of Louis Drax"
  • Louis "Louie" Duckcharacter in "DuckTales"
  • Captain Louis Renaultcharacter in the film "Casablanca"
  • Louis XIVAmerican rock band
  • St. LouisMissouri, USA
  • Louis Osmondcharacter from Netflix's "Greenhouse Academy"

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