Cancer Baby Names Make a Splash

Cancer Baby Names Make a Splash

Much like people born under the sign of the crab, Cancer baby names are warm and lovable. Cancer is the most sensitive and nurturing sign of the zodiac, so a Cancer child would do well with a name that speaks to their kindness and compassion.

The Sun is in Cancer from June 21st–July 22nd. Cancer is the first of the water signs and the first sign of the summer, making names that mean water or summer names ideal for a young crab.

You may also consider a name connected to one of Cancer’s many symbols, including names that mean moon and names that mean mother, relating to the maternal qualities associated with the sign.

If you're a Cancer yourself — known for bringing warmth, sensitivity, and family-oriented values to the baby naming process — check out your own name style and naming preferences in your Cancer Namer profile. This guide will allow you to reflect on your own strengths and struggles in the business of naming a baby, as well as provide a plethora of tips and tricks on how to balance your strong spirit with a partner of any other zodiac sign.

If you’re searching for a name for your Cancer-to-be, consult our full guide, below:

Top Cancer Baby Names

Cancer is the only sign of the zodiac to be ruled not by a planet, but by the moon. Luna, the Latin word for “moon” and the name of the Roman moon goddess, was one of the fastest-rising girl names of the decade and recently broke into the Top 10 in 2022. Luna could be the perfect name for a Cancer daughter, as it shows strength, femininity, and has a pleasant, engaging feel.

Cancer’s months, June and July, inspire popular Cancer names such as June, Juniper, and Julian, and the summer season connects to names such as Poppy, Rose, and Summer itself.

Here, names for Cancer babies within the US Top 500:

Cancer Girl Names

Cancer is the most feminine of all the zodiac signs, being ruled by the moon, a maternal force. Goddess names would be ideal for a daughter born under the sign of the crab, particularly one connected to the moon, women, or fertility. Parvati is the name of the Hindu goddess of love and fertility, and the Norse goddess Freya is associated with femininity. Juno has a double connection to Cancer, being the name of the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth and the namesake for the month of June.

The birthstones associated with Cancer include Pearl, Opal, Ruby, and Emerald, any of which would make a lovely name for a Cancer daughter. The most notable flower connected to Cancer is the white rose, but white flowers of all varieties are meaningful to the sign. This makes Daisy, Jasmine, and Camellia worthy options as well.

Famous Cancer women with names that may inspire you include Oscar-winner Meryl Streep, singer and performer Solange Knowles, and painter Frida Kahlo.

Below, our picks for the best names for Cancer girls:

Cancer Boy Names

As both a water sign and a summer zodiac sign, water names are very fitting for a Cancer child. There are a number of inspired options for boys, including the unisex nature names Lake and Ocean, and names with subtler ties to the water, such as Kai, meaning “ocean” in Hawaiian; Malik, the Greenlandic variation of which means “wave;” and Rayan, an Arabic name meaning “land that is lush and rich in water.”

Notable Cancers with distinctive names include South African civil rights hero Nelson Mandela and actor Sylvester Stallone. Henry David Thoreau — writer, philosopher, and abolitionist —was a Cancer as well. His surname would be an excellent choice for a Cancer son, as would Walden, after his most famous work of writing.

Here, our favorite names for Cancer boys:

Unique Cancer Baby Names

The beginning of Cancer season often coincides with the summer solstice, as it does this year. Solstice is a nouveau bohemian name used for girls and boys in fairly equal numbers. While it would be a lovely name for a Cancer child born on any date, it would be especially meaningful for a baby born near the turn of the season.

Silver is both the color and metal associated with Cancer, make such shiny names as Argento, a Latin name meaning “silvery;” Eirian, a Welsh name meaning “silver;” and even Silver itself ideal for a baby born under the sign.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, so names connecting to the number are well-suited for a Cancer child. Quade and Tetra are attractive options, as is Delta, which plays double duty as the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and a watery name.

Unique Cancer baby names were given to fewer than 150 babies in 2022. Below, a selection of stylish options:

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