Taurus Names Embrace Earthiness

Taurus Names Embrace Earthiness

Taurus names are grounded and strong, much like people born under the sign of the bull.

In 2023, Taurus runs from April 21st to May 20th. It is the first Earth sign of the zodiac. Names that mean Earth would be ideal for a Taurean child, especially one born around the Earth Day holiday.

The sign of Taurus is associated with many inspiring symbols. Names that mean green connect to Taurus’s signature color, and a rosy or violet-related name relate to the flowers of Taurus. Taurus’s bovine association to the bull may also provide baby name inspiration.

Taureans are known for being down-to-earth, strong, stubborn, and dependable. Besides earthy names, a name that means strong would be perfect for a Taurus child, as well as a reliable name, such as one that has always been in the Top 1000.

If you're a Taurus yourself — known for bringing loyalty, stubbornness, and a hard work ethic to the baby naming process — check out your own name style and naming preferences in your Taurus Namer profile. This guide will allow you to reflect on your own strengths and struggles in the business of naming a baby, as well as provide a plethora of tips and tricks on how to balance your strong spirit with a partner of any other zodiac sign.

If you’re expecting a Taurus child but don’t know where to start with his or her name, we’ve got you covered. Here, the complete guide to naming your Taurus baby.

Top Taurus Names

The top Taurus baby names feature many favorite spring names. Rose and Violet are the flowers most closely associated with Taurus, and Poppy and William come from other floral symbols — the poppy and the Sweet William. Chloe means “young green shoot,” and connects to the season as well as Taurus’s favored green hue.

Other popular names for Taurus babies include Adam, which is connected to the Earth, and Annabelle, Maggie, and Grace, all of which are names of taurine characters from children’s books.

Here, Taurus names within the Top 500 most popular baby names 2021.

Taurus Girl Names

The most prominent Taurus gem is the emerald, which is extra significant due to its deep green hue. Emerald is one of the hottest gemstone names of the moment, riding on the trend of Em– names for girls. But Taurus is also associated with other stones, including sapphire, amber, rose quartz, coral, and turquoise. Amber and Coral are still too dated for a baby girl, but Coralie and Inbar or Electa — both meaning “amber” — are lovely alternatives.

Famous Taurean women may inspire a name for a Taurus daughter. Uma Thurman’s gorgeous Sanskrit and Hebrew name hasn’t yet been embraced by American parents but is very on-trend with its three letters and A ending. Queen Elizabeth is also a Taurus and has a name ripe with nicknames (you may even consider the Queen’s own childhood nickname, Lilibet). And Taurus Jessica Alba’s surname is a worthy vintage revival.

Below, our favorite names for Taurus girls:

Taurus Boy Names

Taurus is the sign of the bull, so a bull-related name would be more than appropriate for a child born under this sign. Ferdinand, of course, is the most famous fictional bull — the gentle daisy-sniffing bull’s story was told first in a children’s book, and later in film and television. Names that mean bull include the Irish Fintan, and Taurus itself. In a similar vein, Dexter and Angus are breeds of cattle.

Notable Taurean men include two current heartthrobs — David Beckham and Channing Tatum. David Beckham’s surname has traveled all the way into the Top 300 and comes with the snappy short form Beck. Channing Tatum increased interest in his uncommon first name. It peaked in 2012 — the year Magic Mike premiered.

Here, a selection of the best Taurus names for boys:

Unique Taurus Names

As an Earth sign, it should come as no surprise that Taurus is associated with the color green. There are many wonderful names that mean green, including the cool Celadon, ultra-feminine Viridiana, and even Tauriel — which sounds as if it’s related to bulls but actually means “daughter of the forest.”

One of the most salient aspects of the Taurus personality is their appreciation of comfort and luxury. Barney and Naum are unique boy names relating to comfort, and Raanan means “luxuriant.” Comfort itself is consistently given to a small number of girls each year.

Unique Taurus names were given to fewer than 70 babies in 2021. Below, a collection of the best:

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