Best C Names for Boys

Best C Names for Boys

The category of boy names starting with C is one of the most bountiful and captivating in the alphabet.  There’s truly something for everyone, from classics to notable namesakes to names from nature, mythology, history and the arts and pop culture.

Here we pick some of the best boy names starting with C in various classifications.


Kai is one of the hottest boys' names in recent years, rising all the way into the Top 100. If you love the sound of Kai but are looking for a longer or more offbeat form, Caius might be just what you need. Caius is a Latin name meaning "rejoice", and was used in Ancient Rome. Namesakes include a third-century pope, an early Christian writer, several Shakespearean characters, and a Twilight vampire.


This artsy surname name is associated with the sculptor who invented the mobile. Add in the nature meaning "rocky water", as well as the cool nickname Cal, and Calder is looking pretty appealing. Calder (pronounced "CALL-der") has never charted, but would make a unique alternative to popular names like Carter, Colton, and Connor.


Cal is one of the suavest nicknames, and Callum is a great option as a long form. This Scottish name means "dove" — a widespread symbol of peace, and was derived from the Latin Columbia. St. Columbia was one of the more influential of the early Celtic saints. Callum is only just catching on in the US, sitting at #273 and rising, but is in the top 60 in both Scotland and Ireland. Callan or Callen are two other cool Gaelic ways to get to Cal, or if you are looking for something with more of a vintage charm, try Calvin.


Carter has been in the Top 100 since 2004, and does not seem to be leaving any time soon. If you love Carter's sound and the vibe of occupational names that are trending, Carver is a fresh alternative that might be perfect. Carver means "wood carver", adding in an artistic flair. Historical namesakes include botanist and educator George Washington Carver, as well as short story master Raymond Carver.


The Persian Jasper has been riding a big wave in recent years and is almost sure to crack the Top 100 soon. Will Casper join his cousin in the popularity spike? We think it's about time. While once bound to the beloved friendly ghost, today's generation of children likely won't have that association. Casper was the name of one of the three Wisemen who brought gifts to baby Jesus in the story of Christmas.

Top C Names for Boys in the US


The evocative, romantic Caspian has a lot going for it. This name of a sea between Asia and Europe is also well known as the name of a hero — Prince Caspian — in the Chronicles of Narnia series. Caspian has gained some attention in recent years, and entered the Top 1000 in 2017. Today Caspian is sitting at #709.


Names ending in "-o" are one of the hottest trends in recent years, as are ancient Roman names — however, Cato has not gotten onto parents' radars quite yet. Cato is a Latin name meaning "all-knowing". Famous namesakes range from the Roman Statesman Cato the Elder, a Shakespearean character, and a character in the 21st century Hunger Games.


Offbeat nature names are all the rage, and Cedar is a woodsy name much more distinct than Aspen, Rowan, or Juniper. The Cedars of Lebanon are widely referenced throughout history and the Bible. Cedar Walton is a contemporary jazz pianist.


As the sweet Clementine takes off on the girls' side, the masculine form Clement has not gotten that same attention, despite the love for similar vintage names. Meaning "mild" and "merciful", Clement has a pleasantly positive, slightly antiquated feel, like the phrase "clement weather". The nickname Clem is also sweet as can be.


A perfect mix of clunky vintage with jazzy and cool, Clyde has long time been associated with the infamous outlaw partner of Bonnie. The River Clyde runs through Glasgow, Scotland, which is where the name originated from. Clyde was a Top 100 name through the 1930s, and has re-entered the Top 1000 as of 2013.

Unique Boy Names That Start With C


Names that mean water are definitely in, from Ocean to Lake to River. The beachy Coast is one that has not taken off yet, feeling fresh but wearable. Coast makes a great alternative for parents saddened that Cove now has negative associations through its similarity to the word Covid.


This dashing Irish name is both offbeat and upbeat. Cormac runs throughout Irish mythology, and is known today via the award-winning novelist Cormac McCarthy, who was born Charles. The author's name relates to the legendary high king of Ireland, Cormac Mac Airt. Cormac is also seen as a student at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series. While in the Top 100 in Ireland, Cormac has yet to ever make the charts in the US.


The craze for new surname names has moved beyond English and Irish to include Spanish names like Cruz. Cortez is a popular surname meaning "courteous". Cortez actually peaked as a first name in 1990 at #533, but has fallen off of the charts since 2013. We think Cortez has a lot of potential to make a comeback in today's naming climate.


This Greek name has a greater-than-life, celestial feel with the word's meaning relating to the universe. The name can also mean "order", or "beauty" — all lovely meanings to have. Cosmo entered many Americans' radars through Seinfeld, whose character's real name being Cosmo was then considered a punchline. Today some parents are embracing this name as a cool and creative choice, including celebrity couple Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost. In modern times Cosmo has many associations, from the cocktail to the magazine Cosmopolitan.


Similar-sounding Silas is now a Top 100 name, and Cy is one of the coolest nicknames out there — it's no wonder more parents are seeing the appeal of Cyrus. This Persian name meaning "sun" is the name of the founder of the Persian empire, Cyrus the Great. Today the name may also bring to mind the singer Miley Cyrus. Ciro is the catchy Italian version of the name that is equally appealing.

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