The 10 Best Names for Babies Born in February

February 1, 2020 Sophie Kihm
February Baby Names

February baby names are a collection filled with romantic Valentine-inspired options, historic namesake names, and names connected to February symbolism. There are so many great choices out there, but when asked to determine the best names for babies born in February, we narrowed down our list to meaningful names that we love to hear (or wish we heard more of) on modern babies.

Below, ten of our favorite names for February babies.

The Best February Baby Names

Amethyst: Gemstone names are hotter than ever. Ruby and Jade make the US Top 150, and recent discovery Onyx and the revived Opal are climbing up the charts. Purple-hued Amethyst has ways to go before it cracks the Top 1000, but it has seen a rapid increase in usage over the past decade. It’s the birthstone for February, making it an apt choice for a girl born this month. Amy works as a familiar nickname—it also makes the list of February baby names, because of its meaning, “beloved.”

Ansel: Sweet and soft, yet unmistakably masculine, Ansel is an underused choice that has been out of the Top 1000 since 1924. It’s distinctly creative thanks to strong associations with American landscape photographer Ansel Adams. Adams was born on February 20, 1902 and is a wonderful namesake for the child of artistic parents. A more modern source of inspiration could be young actor Ansel Elgort, whose photographer father named him after Adams.

Brooks: The two zodiac signs that occupy FebruaryAquarius and Pisces—are related to water. Although an air sign, the symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer, often represented by parallel waves. Pisces is one of the three water signs of the zodiac and is symbolized by fish. Therefore Brooks, a water name that’s never been trendier, is a great choice for a February baby, no matter which sign he’s born under. Aside from its connection to water, Brooks is appealing for its preppy surname quality and cool cowboy vibes.

Finnegan: Finnegan is a handsome Irish surname that comes with the dashing nickname Finn. It’s one of our favorite literary names, taken from Finnegan’s Wake, the notoriously difficult book authored by James Joyce. Joyce was born on February 2, 1882, and his works feature many characters with excellent names. Among them, Cyril, Eveline, Flynn, Humphrey, Issy, Leopold, Madden, Milly, Tilly, and Walter. He also had two well-named children of his own, Lucia and Giorgio.

Freya: February is the month of love, so what better time to consider a name connected to an amorous deity? Freya is the Norse goddess of love, fertility, and beauty, and her name is catching on in the US. It entered the US Top 1000 in 2013, and already ranks at #266. Strong, feminine, and accessibly exotic, we definitely understand Freya’s appeal. Other love goddess names worth considering include Branwen, Áine, and Inanna.

Hart: Heart may be the more literal choice for a baby born around Valentine’s Day, but homophonous Hart is a subtler, more striking pick. It’s a surname baby name—a very fashionable category in names—yet was only given to 34 babies in 2018. Modernist poet Hart Crane was born Harold Hart Crane. Hart could be a nickname for Harold today—a less expected choice than Harry. It also works as a short form of surnames Hartley and Hartwell.

Oswald: Quirky Oswald has not yet been embraced by prospective parents, but we think it deserves a second look. It belongs with the pack of old-school O names, including Otto, Otis, and Oscar, the rest of which have been revived already. Plus, Oswald comes with the lively nicknames Oz and Ozzie (it’s still too soon for Waldo). Oswald is a particularly good fit for a Leap Day baby. St. Oswald, a medieval archbishop of York, celebrates his feast day on February 29.

Priya: Ask anyone living in India about the name Priya and you’ll hear just how common it is in its country of origin. But back in the US, the name is a rarity. To American ears, Priya is a fresh and elegant choice. It possesses a graceful charm, making its meaning, “beloved,” a fitting characterization.

Simone: Legendary singer Nina Simone was born on February 21, 1933. She’s certainly a deserving namesake, and either of her names are worthy picks. But it’s Simone, her smooth and sophisticated adopted surname, that we are especially drawn to. Simone has a timeless quality and can be pictured on a woman of any age. The associations with Simone de Beauvoir and Simone Weil give it a feminist, academic air.

Viola: February’s birth flower is the violet, which has seen incredible success as a baby name. It’s been in the Top 100 for eight years, and currently ranks at #43. That’s why Viola, Violet’s similar and surprisingly uncommon sister name, is our recommendation for a baby girl born in February. Violet’s heightened use has caused it to lose much of its vintage glamour that initially drew parents to the name. Viola, however, still possesses this appeal. Additionally, it’s a Shakespearean name, appearing in Twelfth Night.


What would you name a February baby?

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