Capricorn Baby Names Are the Greatest of All Time

Capricorn Baby Names Are the Greatest of All Time

Capricorn names relate to the many facets of the sign of the goat. Capricorn is an earth sign, so any of the names that mean earth are sure to fit a Capricorn personality. The main symbol of Capricorn is the goat, which relates to a surprising number of names, including Aja and Giles. In modern slang, G.O.A.T. stands for “greatest of all time,” so a name meaning great such as August, Max, or Magnus could be a fun and clever connection to your child’s zodiac sign.

Children born between December 22 and January 20 have Capricorn as their sun sign. Capricorns are hardworking and trustworthy — traits that may inspire names such as Amelia or Millicent. The sign is also associated with lotuses, the colors purple and brown, and onyx and amber gemstones — all symbols that may lead you to the perfect Capricorn baby name.

If you’re expecting a little goat, view our comprehensive guide to naming Capricorn babies, below. And if you're a Capricorn yourself, check out your own name style and naming preferences in your zodiac namer profile here.

Top Capricorn Names

Capricorn is the last of the three earth signs of the zodiac, and names that mean earth feature heavily among the most popular Capricorn baby names. Ruby is the most common earthy name for girls, while Adam holds the title for boys. Other options include Clay, Mira, and Sierra.

The colors associated with Capricorn are purple and brown, which are connected to names such as Bruno and Bronson, Iris and Violet. Two of Capricorn’s gems, Amber and Onyx, also make the list of most popular baby names.

Here, names for Capricorn babies within the official US Top 1000:

Capricorn Girl Names

Historically, Capricorn has been connected to the mythical sea-goat, although these days the symbol of a mountain goat is widely accepted. Goats are related to the meanings of many wonderful girl names from around the world. Aja is a hircine Hindi name, the Hebrew Jael and Ethiopian Nyala each mean “mountain goat,” and Haviland is an English surname meaning “goat estate.”

The flowers associated with Capricorn are the pansy and the lotus. We strongly discourage the use of Pansy; however, Lotus is a rare and evocative floral name we heartily endorse. For a subtler connection, you may consider a name with a lotus-related meaning for your Capricorn daughter. Many are from East Asian cultures, as the lotus symbolizes purity and enlightenment in Buddhism and Hinduism. Pemma, Sadira, and Kamala are among the best.

Notable Capricorns that would be worthy namesakes include illustrious musicians Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley, as well as Romantic poet Edgar Allen Poe. Young environmental activist Greta Thunberg is a Capricorn if there ever was one, with her determination, stoicism, and connection to the earth. (Fun name fact: one of her middle names is Tintin).

Below, a selection of our favorite Capricorn names for girls:

Capricorn Boy Names

Capricorns are known for being reliable, practical, and trustworthy — traits that may inspire names for your Capricorn son. Ami (“reliable”), Praxis (“practical”), Themba (“truth”), and Trust itself are among the strong choices for Capricorn boys.

As the tenth sign of the zodiac, any name related to the number ten would suit a Capricorn child. Decimus is a very rare name for boys — it was given to fewer than five babies in 2021 — but with its fashionable -us ending, would sound right at home among all the other boys named Magnus, Atticus, and Cassius.

Historic Capricorn surnames can be used as contemporary first names for Capricorn boys. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was a Capricorn, as was scientist George Washington Carver, and Madam C.J. Walker — an activist and the first female self-made millionaire in America, who developed cosmetics for Black women. Basketball player LeBron James was born under Capricorn — his name has a double connection to the sign since LeBron means “brown-haired one.”

Here, our picks for the best Capricorn names for boys:

Unique Capricorn Names

The constellation Capricornus is also called Amalthea, named for the mythical goat that nursed Zeus as an infant. Amalthea is a lovely, one-of-a-kind name for a daughter — and it comes with the fashionable nickname Thea. Another name related to the constellation is Deneb, which is Capricornus’ brightest star.

Capricorn season begins in December and ends in January, each of which is a rare month name used most often for girls. You may also consider a translation of the months, such as the Italian Gennaro or French Janvier.

Saturn is Capricorn’s planetary ruler as well as one of the more unique celestial baby names. It’s dipped in and out of the charts since 1996 but has only ever placed for baby girls. Most recently, it was given to 19 girls and six boys in 2022. Related names include Saturnino and Saturday — literally meaning “Saturn’s day.”

Unique Capricorn baby names were given to fewer than 50 babies in 2022. See our top picks below:

For more on Capricorn names and naming, go here.

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