July Names Turn up the Heat

July Names Turn up the Heat

Summer is in full swing, and July names add to the heat of the season. Summer-themed baby names, as well as Cancer baby names and Leo names, for July’s star signs, all nod to the July birth month.

Of course, a Julian name, such as chic French Juliette, spirited Julio, or overlooked month name July would be ideal for a child born this month.

In the US, the biggest event of the month is our Independence Day, the 4th of July. A name related to freedom, liberty, or independence — such as Saoirse, Maverick, and yes, Liberty — speaks to the significance of this day.

If you’re expecting a child this month and have yet to find the perfect name, consult our guide to names for July babies below.

Top July Names

Bright summer names are some of the most popular July-inspired picks, among them, Cyrus, Apollo, and Summer itself. Apollo carries a double link to the month, both for its connection to the Greek god of the Sun and NASA’s Apollo 11 mission that sent the first people to the moon — launched on July 16, 1969.

The zodiac sign of Leo, which begins July 22nd, is related to several hot leonine choices perfect for a baby born at the end of the month. Leo and Leonardo are two of the trendiest Leo names for boys right now, and Ariella, meaning “lion of God,” is rising for girls. Moon-themed Luna, a Cancer baby name, was the newest addition to the US Top 10.

Below, the hottest July baby names right now:

July Girl Names

The flowers associated with July are the water lily and larkspur, both of which offer fragrant inspiration for a July daughter. Any one of the many names that mean lily would qualify — Susanna is a familiar but uncommon lily name, and Ren’s meaning refers to the water lily specifically. Larkspur is a one-of-a-kind name for a girl, and the scientific name for the plant, delphinium, may lead you to Delphine.

You may wish to honor a famous July-born woman with your choice of baby name. Beatrix Potter (July 28), Jacqueline Kennedy (July 28), and Malia Obama (July 4) each have stylish names worthy of consideration.

Here, a selection of our favorite July names for girls:

July Boy Names

Without a doubt, Seven is the coolest number name, and it’s especially appropriate for a July baby, as July is the seventh month of the year. We can thank Victoria and David Beckham for introducing that one to the name pool back in 2011, as the middle name for their daughter Harper.

Notable men in July with great names include inventor and scientist George Washington Carver (July 12), fashion designer Giorgio Armani (July 11), and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (July 2). Ford is a triple namesake name for July, as three of the most famous Fords — Harrison, Gerald, and Henry — were all born this month.

Below, our picks for the best July names for boys.

Unique July Baby Names

The Seneca Falls Convention, the first women’s rights convention, was held on July 19 and 20, 1848. That makes Seneca a unique feminist baby name, and a unisex one at that.

There are many uniquely named saints with feast days in July. Among the most intriguing choices are Aurelian (July 4), Merryn (July 6), and Hyacinth (July 3).

These unique July baby names were given to fewer than 50 babies of a single sex in 2023. Here, our favorite distinctive choices:

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