Black Cat Names

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Black cats are famously unlucky...and also sleek and beautiful. If you cast superstition aside and welcome a black cat into your life, you'll want to give him or her a mystical name. The cat names here mean have black-related or magical associations. Here, some perfect names for your black cat.

Names for Black Cats

  • Amaya


    Amaya is a girls' name that relates to the popular Maya. Actors Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann are the parents of a young daughter named Amaya... Read More 

  • Blake


    The unisex Blake, which indeed has two conflicting meanings, has a briskly efficient image when used for a girl.

    Though in the eighties it was seen very much as a Read More 

  • Blakeley


    Blakeley is one of the many -ley ending surnames that is being adopted as a first name, updating the 80s darlings Blake and Ashley. These days, the lee sound at the end turns most names,... Read More 

  • Carey


    Variously spelled trendy name in the 1970s that hasn't even been in the Top 1000 in a decade. Read More 

  • Charna


    Popular name in Israel, worth considering for a dark-haired daughter with a bit of a bohemian cast. Read More 

  • Ciar


    See KEIR. Read More 

  • Ciara


    Ciara is very popular in Ireland, more familiar here as the Anglicized Kiera or Keira. The uninitiated will tend to pronounce Ciara as the Italian Chiara, a form of Claire—kee-AHR-a or even... Read More 

  • Cole


    Cole -- a short name that embodies a lot of richness and depth -- has long been associated with the great songwriter Cole Porter. It's quite popular in Scotland.

    Old King Cole -- which... Read More 

  • Colton


    Colton is a trendy two-syllable choice, with the popular 'on/en' ending.

    Colton jumped onto the popularity list in 1982 at Number 806. Then, in 1988, the hunky character Colton Shore... Read More 

  • Cronan


    A distinctive alternative to Conan. Read More 

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