Pet Names

There's a lot of crossover between pet names and baby names today, with the names of dogs and cats often reflecting baby name popularity trends. Here are some of the most creative, popular, and coolest names for dogs, cats, goldfish, and more exotic pets today.

  • Attitude Names for Cats

    Attitude names, meaning names with swagger and sass, are popular for babies, and names that are cool for children are hot for pets too. Attitude names for kittens and cats underscore your feline's natural speed and aggression. If you've got a badass cat who deserves a badass name, here are several attitude cat names that fit the bill.

  • Attitude Names for Dogs

    Attitude names are a cool new category of baby names, but attitude names for dogs can be an excellent idea too. If you've got a badass puppy with lots of swagger and sass, one of these doggie attitude names might be the perfect choice. There are attitude names here to fit female dogs and male dogs, large dogs and small, any color or breed -- as long as it's got lots of attitude!

  • Black Cat Names

    Black cats are famously unlucky...and also sleek and beautiful. If you cast superstition aside and welcome a black cat into your life, you'll want to give him or her a mystical name. The cat names here mean have black-related or magical associations. Here, some perfect names for your black cat.

  • Creative Names for Cats

    Cat names are less likely to cross over with baby names than dog names are, but there are still plenty of popular names for cats that are also found on the lists of names for babies. If you're looking for a name for your new kitten, consult this list of creative cat names.

  • German Shepherd Puppy Names

    Congratulations on your new German Shepherd puppy! Great dogs deserve great names, and this list includes the most popular names for German Shepherd dogs as well as some creative and unique German Shepherd puppy names.

  • Goldfish Names

    Goldfish names can be as creative as the names for any other pet. And why shouldn't your goldfish have an awesome name? We looked for names for your fish that mean gold or yellow and also focused on names with fish-related meanings as well as names of famous fish -- hi, Dory! Here, some inspired names for pet goldfish.

  • Great Names for Big Dogs

    Sure, you can name your dog Spot. But naming your best friend can be a chance to use one of those guilty pleasure names, a name that was just a bit too cutesy to use on a baby, or a name that gives your pooch dignity and gravitas. Basically, have fun!

  • Great Names for Small Dogs

    When picking dog names for smaller breeds, you need to choose something that reflects all the charm, personality and good things that come in your small package. Many of the names here mean small, little, or tiny, or are diminutives that convey that message -- perfect names for a small dog. And while Baby and Tiny are too obvious for some, here is a list of other names you may want to consider for your tiny pooch.

  • Most Popular Names for Cats

    What are the top cat names in the US? Fluffy doesn't rank anymore, but cool people names like Orion and Bella are becoming stylish for cats too. If you've got a kitten or a cat go name, you'd do well to look through lists of names that also work for babies to find one for your feline. Here are the most popular names for kittens and cats.

  • Most Popular Names for Dogs

    The top dog names today are also baby names. While there is no authoritative list by country of popular names for dogs, different organizations such as the American Kennel Club and locales like New York City keep their own lists of popular dogs names. While the dog names here appear in different order on different lists, here is our compilation of the 20 most popular names for dogs today.

  • Poodle Names

    Poodles might be one of the most fun dogs to name. Why? Well, there's the French thing. And then there's the curly-haired thing. And poodles might also get their names from their colors and their size, which can vary a lot. Here, some inspirational names for your brand new poodle.

  • White Cat Names

    White kittens and cats have a world of names all their own: names that mean white as well as names that reference white things like snow, stars, and diamonds. Here's some inspiration for perfect names for your white kitten or cat.