Name Spellings, Initials and Sounds

Names that come in a range of spellings, that start or end with certain letters, or that contain special sounds or rhythms are the focus of the lists collected here. Here are baby names that start with A and end with S, names with two syllables and the shortest baby names in the book. Nameberry's advanced search function can also help you look for a name that starts, ends, or contains a certain letter or group of letters. You can even search for a name that starts with Br, say, and ends with on and has an x in the middle! If you're looking for names with a particular first initial or a sound that works well with your last name, this section includes lists that might help.

  • A+ Baby Names

    Baby names starting with the letter A are the most popular in the entire alphabet today. Why? Vowel names in general are stylish, and it may be that we associate the letter A with excellence, as opposed to C, D, or F!

  • Baby Girl Names Ending in Y

    Girl names that end with the letter Y have gone from ordinary to quaint, with the ee sound today as likely represented by an i, an ey, or an eigh as with a Y.

  • Baby Names Ending in Ley

    Ashley started it, and today there is a whole raft of stylish baby names that end with ley -- if not literally those letters, then at least the sound. Most ley baby names are for girls but some work for boys too. The downside: The ley ending is so trendy that baby names that carry it can feel more popular than they are. There are also lots of names that end in lee, lie, lea, ly, and so one that produce the same trendy sound. The prime baby names that end in ley include the following.

  • Baby Names With Repeating Sounds

    We're in a nickname-friendly era, and these adorable double baby names like Coco and Lulu are in keeping with that trend.

  • Belles of the Ball

    With Isabella in the Top Ten Girls' names, many other names that end with bel, belle, and bella (including Belle and Bella themselves) are under consideration by modern parents. Here, a roundup of the Belles among girls' names.

  • Best Boy Names Ending in O

    Boy names ending in the letter O have been fashionable for a couple of decades now, with many of the most popular choices zooming to the top of the list.

  • Best Boy Names Starting with Vowels

    Boy names that start with vowels are among the most popular and coolest names today. Boy names starting with A are second only to J in popularity, with all the versions of Aiden and Alexander leading the pack. Next up are Boy names that start with E, led by Ethan and Elijah.

    The best boys' names beginning with I include Isaac, Isaiah, and Ian. Popular names for boys that being with O are being used more often every year, with Oliver and Owen at the head of the line. While boy names starting with U are the most unusual in the alphabet, that group includes some unique choices. Of course, you can browse our complete lists of boys' names that start with A, E, I, O, and U, but here is our pick of the best vowel names for baby boys.

  • Best Boy Names That End in S

    Boy names that end in S are a fashionable group. The S ending is commonly found in Roman names such as Atticus and Linus, stylish now for boys, as well as other fresh, cool choices.

    Along with James, boy names ending in S in the US Top 100 includes Lucas, Thomas, Charles, Elias, Nicholas, and Miles. Atticus and Silas are the most popular boy names with an S ending on Nameberry.

    Another hot group of s-ending boy names are surname names such as Brooks, Hayes, and Wells.

  • Best Girl Names Starting with Vowels

    Girl names starting with vowels are the most popular and often the coolest names today. A is still the most frequently-used first initial for girls' names, with a third of all girl names starting with the letter A. Names for girls starting with E are the next most popular, but girl names that begin with I are holding their own, moving beyond the megapopular Isabella to cool girls Iris, Ivy, and Ida. O names for girls, led by Olivia, have an open, optimistic feel, while there are fewer girl names starting with U than with any other letter in the entire alphabet, though that includes a few choice picks. If you're looking for a vowel name for your baby girl, here are our top picks for girls names starting with A, E, I, O, and even U.

  • Best One Syllable Baby Names

    One syllable names are in style right now, appealing perhaps because of their simplicity and sleekness in a complicated world. One syllable baby names feel modern, although many of them have deep roots.

  • Best Three Syllable Baby Names

    Three syllable baby names strike the perfect balance for a short last name, but work perfectly fine with a one syllable middle name and a two syllable last name too.

  • Best Two Syllable Baby Names

    Two syllable baby names are the most common, with half of the names in the US Top 10 following this pattern. Emma and Liam, the top names for baby girls and boys, have two syllables each.

  • Boy Names That Can Start with a C or a K

    Many names for boys (and girls too) can start with either a C or a K. The C and K spellings have become basically interchangeable. Here, a selection of boy names that work with either C or K as a first letter.

  • Cool Baby Names That Start With F

    Most people don't associate the letter F with fashionable baby names, because most F names are fashionable precisely because they're UNfashionable. Some of the cool baby names starting with F include those here.

  • Cool Baby Names That Start With I

    All vowel names are cool right now, but I-starting names may be the coolest around. There are so many cool baby names that start with I that a parent in search of a name with that initial should have an easy time finding one to love.

  • Cool Baby Names That Start With L

    Baby names that start with L are intrinsically lovely, luscious, lilting — and among the most stylish of our era. Liam, the top L name for boys, is also the most popular name for boys in the US overall. The most common L name for girls is Luna, the name of the Roman goddess of the moon.

  • Cool Baby Names That Start With P

    Peter, Paul, and....uh.... Patty are three of the names that made P such a ubiquitous first initial at the middle of the last century. It's been keeping a low profile for a while now, but there are a lot of cool baby names that start with P. Here, our picks.

  • Cool Baby Names That Start With Q

    Baby names that start with Q can't fail to be cool -- or should we say qool? Here, a selection of cool baby names that start with that intriguing letter.

  • Cool Baby Names That Start With U

    The most underused first initial of the baby naming alphabet must be U. But yes, there are some cool baby names that start with U. Namely:

  • Cool Baby Names That Start With Z

    The zippiest, zestiest first initial for baby names around must be Z. Zoe and Zachary are the top baby names starting with Z in the US. Along with all the versions of Zoe and Zachary, names beginning with Z on the US Top 1000 include Zion, Zayden, Zane, Zara, Zuri, Zander, and Zaylee. Unique cool names starting with Z range from Zelig to Zelda. Zara, the name of one of the Queen's granddaughters, is the top-ranked Z name in England, while Zelie makes the Top 100 in France. Z as an initial is so intrinsically cool it may be that there are no baby names starting with Z that aren't cool. Here are some of the best Z-starting names for baby boys and baby girls.

  • Cool Names with a Strong O

    Baby names that begin or end with the letter O have long been particularly cool, especially (though there are a few feminine selections) for boys. The options for cool names starting or ending with O range far beyond those offered here, of course, especially considering the entire world of Latinate baby names out there, but this group should give you a pretty good start.

  • Four Syllable Boy Names

    Four syllable boy names are led in the US, as well as in many other countries, by strong international favorites Alexander and Sebastian, which both make the Top 20 boy names in the US.

    Along with Alexander and Sebastian, other four syllable options which rank in the Top 100 boy names in the US are Jeremiah, Santiago, Ezekiel and Leonardo.

    Uncommon and unique four syllable boys' names we recommend range from underused traditionals like Aloysius and Emmanuel, to long and lovely international beauties like Eliseo and Olivier, to quirky and unique four-syllable boy names like Huckleberry and Thelonious.

    If you're looking for a longer baby boy name to balance out a short surname – or even if you just love long, majestic names for boys – this is the list for you!

    Browse 100+ boy names with four syllables to fit all styles and tastes below.

  • Four Syllable Names for Girls

    Four syllable names for girls are led in the US, as well as in many other countries, by the sweet and sophisticated trio of Olivia, Amelia and Isabella – all of which currently rank in the Top 10 baby girl names.

    Along with Olivia, Amelia and Isabella, other four syllable baby names for girls which make the Top 100 in the US include classic Elizabeth, Victoria and Alexandra, as well as international favorites like Penelope, Valentina and Eliana.

    Uncommon and unique four syllable girls' names we recommend range from underused traditionals like Felicity and Georgiana, to long and lovely international beauties like Esperanza and Scheherazade, to unique four-syllable mythological girl names like Callidora and Persephone.

    If you're looking for a longer baby girl name to balance out a short surname – or if you just love long and feminine names for girls – this is the list for you!

    Browse 180+ girl names with four syllables to fit all styles and tastes below.

  • Four-Syllable Baby Names

    Four-syllable baby names carry an elaborate charm and provide the perfect balance for a short last name.

  • Girl Baby Names That End With S

    Okay, all these girls' baby names don't literally end with S. Some just end with the S sound. But that S-sound ending may be all it takes.

  • Girl Names Ending in Lyn

    The lyn ending for girls' names has become hugely popular in recent years, with lyn making a name from nearly any beginning. The girl names ending in lyn range from the classic Evelyn to the popular Brooklyn to the up-and-coming Westlyn. Along with Evelyn and Brooklyn, girl names ending in lyn in the US Top 200 include Madelyn Adalyn, and Jocelyn. While the names collected here are by no means all the girl names that end with lyn, they are our recommended picks and include both popular girl names ending in lyn along with unique girl names with the lyn ending. If you love girl names ending in lyn, search this list for an lyn form that might work for your daughter.

  • K Versions of C Names for Girls

    Some parents think it's kool to translate a traditionally C-starting name to a K spelling. Here, some choices of K-starting baby names that are traditionally spelled with a C.

  • Kool K Baby Names

    Spelling baby names with a K, whether they started out being spelled that way or not, may be one of the hottest trends of our time, inspired by the K-named Kardashians. Some of the koolest new K baby names:

  • One-Syllable Middle Names for Boys

    While we are happy to see baby namers move beyond boring middle names that were mere connective tissue, there are still times -- like when first and last names are elaborate -- when you want a short, strong middle name. Here, some cool one-syllable middle names for boys. Or expand your horizons with our master list of more than 900 middle names of every type.

  • One-Syllable Middle Names for Girls

    There's a reason one-syllable middle names for girls such as Ann and Lynn have been used to the point of cliché. These middle names don't distract from the dazzle of the first name and serve as a calm, quiet bridge between the two stars of the show. These one-syllable girl names transcend the basics like, nowadays, Rose and Grace. They could also work well as first names.

  • Short & Strong Girl Names

    Looking for girl names that are unfussy and straightforward? Here are some choice baby girl names that are both short and strong. If you're having a boy, check out our post on strong boy names

  • Short Baby Names

    Sometimes -- when your last name is long and elaborate, when you simply believe in simplicity -- what you want most from baby names is that they be short. Sweet, maybe; mono-syllabic, possibly. But the most important quality: short. Here are some baby names that fit the bill.

  • Simple, Sleek, Cool Names

    Simple names -- one syllable, with uncomplicated spellings and straightforward sounds -- have been a trend recently, in the US along with several European countries. These sleek, simple names sound modern and cool.

  • Son Baby Names

    Baby names that end in son originated just the way you think: they designated that the person—Jackson, say, or Jefferson—was the son of Jack or Jeffery. Son makes a stylish first name ending today, mostly for boys but since the era of Allison, also for girls. Son baby names can make for an original way to honor an ancestor or relative while slightly varying the name. Some prime examples:

  • Streamlined Baby Names

    Another approach to creative baby naming, this one as old as ElizaBETH and EuGENE, is to drop the first syllable or syllables, or even an initial letter of a name. These days, for instance, Drew and Ward are cooler baby names than Andy or Ed. Here are some other possibilities but, as with most recipes, feel free to improvise.

  • Stylish Girls' Names That End in Consonants

    If you are searching for a stylish and undeniably feminine name but want to avoid that flowery vowel ending, here are 101 stylish girl names that end in consonants...or consonant sounds. This list mixes English traditional names (Margaret) and those with French chic (Delphine) with more unusual choices from across the world (Ceridwen, Pilar and Zerlin). If your last name starts with a vowel, these consonant-ending names for girls may be particularly appealing.

  • Stylish L Baby Names

    One of the most stylish letters in baby names today must be L, whether at the beginning, in the middle, or -- most fashionably of all -- in a couple of different places. Also stylish are baby names that not only contain the letter L but its sound, as in Ella and Elliot. Here, fashionable baby names made all the lovelier by the letter L.

  • Unique Baby Names Ending In I

    Today's unique baby names ending in the letter i are a far cry from the Teri and Lori generation of the 60s and 70s. Biblical and Hawaiian I-ending baby names now reign supreme, with Levi and Eli the most popular boys' names ending in I and Naomi and Leilani leading the charge for the girls. But there are literally hundreds of intriguing international I-ending names out there, just waiting to be discovered. From sweet Scandinavian Astri to handsome Hebrew Zimri, here's a selection of our very favorite unique baby boy and girl names ending in I.

  • Unique Baby Names Ending In O

    Unique baby names ending in O (and the "o" sound) are among the very hottest right now, with the likes of Leo and Theo, Harlow and Margot rocketing up the popularity charts.

  • Unique Girl Names Ending with A

    About a third of baby girl names end with the letter A. A is also the most widely-used starting letter for girl names today, and there are lots of stylish girl names starting and ending with A. From top choices Isabella and Sophia and Olivia to more obscure names, the letter A has feminine appeal. Here, some of the best unique girl names ending with A. You can also browse our master list of thousands of Girl Names Ending in A.

  • X Factor Baby Names

    The letter X seems to all by itself create cool baby names. Some of the best baby names with the X factor: