Girl Names Lists

Girl names are the subject of the lists on this page. Browse lists of baby girl names both classic and unusual, names of goddesses and girls' names with gravity. If you're naming a baby girl, you'll find a list to suit every category and style.

  • American Girl Names

    American girl names include US place-names, newly-minted names, American hero names, and of course Native American names.

  • Ancient Roman Names for Girls

    Ancient Roman names are white hot right now. Stars such as Octavia Spencer and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, have brought attention to this attractive group of names. Roman names for girls have history but feel fresh. They are feminine but connote strength, such as Aurelia and Livia.

  • Attitude Names for Girls

    Attitude names are cool baby names that project sass, spunk, and confidence. These cool-kid qualities may appeal for both girl and boy babies and are increasingly desirable for parents. Attitude names for girls may be inspired by amazing heroines, an unusual letter or sound, or simply a badass image, such as Luna and Scarlett.

  • Attitude Nicknames for Girls

    Attitude names are a new style that a lot of parents are searching for, and nicknames fit right into the confident, bright, badass image. Attitude nicknames for girls are sassy choices with bold sounds, such as Dixie and Rory.

  • Badass Princess Names

    Badass princess is an image that appeals not only to contemporary little girls but to their parents when choosing a name. These unusual girls' names are attractive not so much because of their sound or their style but because of the complicated image they convey. These are rare baby girl names that are both decidedly feminine and rooted in tradition, but are not at all conventional or conservative. They’re creative and edgy, but not invented or unorthodox like Aurelia and Magnolia.

  • Beautiful Bohemian Names for Girls

    Bohemian names for girls might be inspired by free-spirited heroines of the arts or politics, by the natural world, or by international cultures. While Bohemian names are by their very nature unique, some Bohemian girl names are finding new popularity.

  • Belle and Bella Names

    Isabella has been a Top Ten girl name for over a decade thanks to its romantic femininity and multicultural appeal. It’s inspired the rise of many other names ending in bel, belle, and bella, including Belle and Bella themselves.

  • Best British Girl Names

    Do British girl names have a distinct style? You bet, and often the style of British names is a step or two ahead of the style of American names.

  • Best Girl Names Starting with Vowels

    Girl names starting with vowels are the most popular and often the coolest names today. A is still the most frequently-used first initial for girls' names, with a third of all girl names starting with the letter A. Names for girls starting with E are the next most popular, but girl names that begin with I are holding their own, moving beyond the megapopular Isabella to cool girls Iris, Ivy, and Ida. O names for girls, led by Olivia, have an open, optimistic feel, while there are fewer girl names starting with U than with any other letter in the entire alphabet, though that includes a few choice picks. If you're looking for a vowel name for your baby girl, here are our top picks for girls names starting with A, E, I, O, and even U.

  • Best One-of-a-Kind Names for Girls

    Unique names that nobody (yes, really!) is using for baby girls in the US include the following, all ranking below the five-baby cutoff necessary to make the Social Security extended list in 2019.

  • Best Two Syllable Girl Names

    The best two syllable girl names can be found at both the top of the popularity list and among the most unique names for girls.

  • Bible Names for Girls

    Bible names for girls have been popular in the US since the beginning of name history, with the ultimate Bible girl name Mary dominating the number one spot until the early 1960s, and Sarah ranking among the top five girl names throughout the 1980s.

  • Boy Names for Girls

    Some of the coolest baby girl names are not girls' names at all but boys' names -- many of which have officially become unisex names. We're seeing more and more formerly 100% boy names being used for girls, from nicknames like Sam and Charlie (now 50-50 by gender!), to occupational or surnames such as Sawyer or McKinley to formerly masculine names such as Quincy and Jude that have become truly unisex.

  • Classic Girl Names

    Classic girl names include several of the Top 10 names for girls in the English-speaking world: Emma, Olivia, Charlotte, and Sophia. Along with Sophia and Emma, other classic girl names in the US Top 50 include Amelia, Abigail, Elizabeth, Victoria, Grace, Hannah, Eleanor, and Claire. Quirkier classic names for girls include Priscilla, Theodora, Georgia, and Felicity.

  • Classic Girl Names That Aren't Boring

    Classic baby names for girls are highly covetable — these names are rooted in tradition and hard to argue with. But some classic names have been popular for decades, making them feel overused, unoriginal, and dare we say, boring.

  • Colonial Names for Girls

    Many colonial names have fallen out of favor for long enough now to sound fresh and even cool again. If you like historic baby names but want to move beyond the Victorian and biblical baby names we've heard so much of in recent years, consider these names culled from Revolutionary War rolls and eighteenth-century town histories. The only caveat: The choices are much wider and more appealing for boys than for girls.

  • Cool Classic Girl Names — 100+ below the Top 1000

    Classic baby names are not always popular names. These classic classic girl names are also unusual, hiding below the Top 1000. For a name to be cool and classic, it has to be both out-of-the-ordinary and used over centuries, and the 100+ girls' names here qualify on both counts.

  • Cool Cowgirl Names

    Cowgirl names for baby girls, Western names with a bronco-busting outdoorsy feel, are pretty much always in style. Cowgirl names might be vintage, like Bonnie and Lula or newly-minted, such as Blaze and River. Additionally, they might be conventionally feminine or gender neutral.

  • Cool Girl Names

    Cool girl names come from a range of sources and styles, from ancient to modern, classic to newly created.

  • Cool Girl Names from Ancient Cultures

    There are so many ancient names for girls -- from Rome and Byzantium, from Olde England and Germany -- that deserve to be unearthed in the interest of cool. Here's a selection of worthy ancient names, from a range of eras and places.

  • Cool International Girl Names

    Cool international girl names from a range of cultures and countries are ripe for the picking no matter where you live. As the world becomes a smaller place, baby names for girls become more international, with names like Lucy and Jenna being swapped for Luciana and Gemma.

  • Crazy Nicknames for Girls

    Looking for the wackiest nicknames used for girls? Here are some we think qualify.

  • Cute Baby Names for Girls

    Babies are darling, so no wonder some parents opt for the cutest of cute baby names when it comes to naming their daughters. Some of these cute names, such as Annie and Sophie, do wear well, even into adulthood. Other cute baby names might be better as nicknames for formal names—or reserved for kittens and doll babies.

  • Dutch Baby Names for Girls

    Dutch girl names have historically been overlooked by American parents, but as the world of possible baby names expands, more parents may begin to embrace Dutch names for their daughters. One of the top Dutch names in the US is Noor — which also has separate Arabic roots — a diminutive of Eleonora.

  • European Girl Names

    European girl names are the most common group of names by origin in the US. The names on this list , though, are well-used for baby girls throughout Europe but remain largely undiscovered by American parents.

  • Fastest-Rising Girl Names

    The fastest-rising girl name last year was Amoura, name related to the Latin word for “love.” Amoura is the leader of a super group of smooth girl names that are gaining popularity in the US. Many of the other top risers have a similar cadence — among them, Alaia, Alara, Alora, and Amirah.

  • Feminine Girl Names

    If you like decidedly feminine girl names, consider this collection of names with (usually) soft sounds, (often) vowel endings, and (always) a decidedly sweet, dainty image. Of course, girls' names can also be strong, powerful, wise, and all these other positive qualities that can apply to both genders, but these girls' names have an overarching feminine image.

  • Feminizations of Male Names

    Feminizations are feminine variations of male names rather than unisex baby names: Alexandra not Alex, Charlotte not Charlie. You may be attracted to these baby names because you want to name a daughter after dad or grandpa but give her a distinctly feminine name. Or maybe you simply love the traditional feel of many of these classic baby girl names, which are rooted in tradition.

  • Fictional Princess Names

    Fictional princess names — from fairy tales to modern cartoons — are well-known to little girls, most of whom would be delighted to have one for her very own.

  • Finnish Baby Names for Girls

    To the American ear, Finnish baby names sound much quirkier than the Scandinavian baby names of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. While there is a lot of crossover between Finnish and Scandinavian names, many Finnish names are closely related to Baltic names, particularly those from Estonia.

  • Five Syllable Girl Names

    Five syllable names for girls are the ultimate long and lovely baby girl names – perfect for pairing with a shorter surname or middle name. A big bonus of five syllable girl names is that they give plenty of options for shortening, so that your daughter can choose the form that best suits her as she moves through life.

    The most popular five syllable names for girls in the US right now are the beautiful Russian name Anastasia, meaning "resurrection", and the Ancient Egyptian place name Alexandria, which both rank in the Top 300 girl names in the US.

    Along with Anastasia and Alexandria, some uncommon five syllable girls' names we recommend include beautiful international gems like Elisabetta and Emiliana, which are surprisingly underused in the US, as well as unique ancient girl names like Cassiopeia, Leocadia and Artemisia.

    If you're looking for a longer baby girl name to balance out a short surname – or if you just love long and uber-feminine names for girls – this is the list for you!

    Browse all of our favorite five syllable girl names below.

  • Flower Names for Girls and Boys

    Flower names for baby girls and boys too were first popular around the turn of the last century and have started to bloom again as modern baby names. Flower names Lily, Violet, Daisy, and Rose rank among the top names for girls in the US and are popular internationally as well..

  • Four Syllable Names for Girls

    Four syllable names for girls are led in the US, as well as in many other countries, by the sweet and sophisticated trio of Olivia, Amelia and Isabella – all of which currently rank in the Top 10 baby girl names.

    Along with Olivia, Amelia and Isabella, other four syllable baby names for girls which make the Top 100 in the US include classic Elizabeth, Victoria and Alexandra, as well as international favorites like Penelope, Valentina and Eliana.

    Uncommon and unique four syllable girls' names we recommend range from underused traditionals like Felicity and Georgiana, to long and lovely international beauties like Esperanza and Scheherazade, to unique four-syllable mythological girl names like Callidora and Persephone.

    If you're looking for a longer baby girl name to balance out a short surname – or if you just love long and feminine names for girls – this is the list for you!

    Browse 180+ girl names with four syllables to fit all styles and tastes below.

  • Geek Chic Names for Girls

    Cool names for girls come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. There are some evergreen classic girls' names which — like the little black dress — never go out of style: think traditional mainstays of the US (and UK, NZ, and Australia) popularity charts, like Elizabeth, Katherine, and Hannah. Other cool girls' names — like thick black-rimmed spectacles and heavy oxfords — are so out they're in. These are the clunky, old-school vintage girls' names that are starting to feel fresh, funky and a little bit daring, but still rooted in tradition.

  • Geezer Names for Girls

    Blame it on Sidney. This name, which conjures up images of thick glasses, a snowfall of dandruff on shoulders, and plaid polyester pants pulled up to the sternum, sounds (strangely enough) nothing less than charming, nothing short of cool when applied to a little girl. And so too can the other geezer names here. Caution: Most of these names should not be bestowed on a boy. The world is not yet ready for another generation of male Seymours and Sheldons, although keep in mind that among the hottest boys' names in the UK now are Harvey and Leon.

  • Girl Baby Names That End With S

    Okay, all these girls' baby names don't literally end with S. Some just end with the S sound. But that S-sound ending may be all it takes.

  • Girl Names ALWAYS in the Top 1000

    These perennially popular girl names have all appeared on the Top 1000 list for every year since the U.S. government started keeping records in 1880. Forever favorites include the ultra-traditionals such as Elizabeth and Katherine, as well as nickname names such as Annie and Josie.

  • Girl Names That Mean Life

    Names meaning life may appeal to parents of babies of either gender, but the girls' names that mean life are particularly appealing. Life -- or lively or vivacious or energetic -- is a meaning not attached to a large number of names, but one that is inspiring and uplifting. We also include here names for girls that refer to the place where the person lives. Girl names with meanings that relate to life include the following.

  • Girl Names With Gravity

    For many parents, girl names (and boy names too) should carry more than an attractive sound and appealing image; they should have real history behind them. These names relate to a range of impressive personages, real and imagined, and also have both breadth and depth in terms of the meaning they convey.

  • Girly Girl Baby Names

    Girly girl baby names are the most elaborately feminine of baby names. They have become newly fashionable, as today’s brave parents are not intimidated by names that go beyond three syllables. Some girly girl baby names, such as Cassandra and Isabella, have been in use for decades. Others, including Valentina and Luciana, have more recently been discovered by American parents.

  • Goddess Names for Babies

    Goddess names, the names of mythological figures from all over the world, seem more baby appropriate now that ever, with the rise of ancient Roman names and the discovery of many antique choices, such as Cora and Phoebe.

  • Greek Goddess Names

    Greek goddess names are making an unlikely comeback for 21st century babies, combining ancient roots with august namesakes and distinctive style. Some names of the Greek goddesses are well-known in the contemporary Western world, such as Iris and Selene, while others are used occasionally or have been asleep for centuries.

  • Hipster British Baby Names for Girls

    Hipster British baby names for girls are an exotic and eclectic bunch! From sweet vintage nicknames like Peggy and Posy, to elaborate choices like Pandora and Pollyanna, the Brits are renowned for bestowing quirky baby girl names on their daughters. All of these beautiful British girl names have serious style cred in London right now, but they hit the hipster sweet spot in terms of popularity — none rank in the Top 100 baby girl names in England & Wales, and most sit much lower down the list. If you're looking for a cool British girl name beyond Emma or Elizabeth, here are some of our favorite hipster picks!

  • Literary Girl Names

    These literary girl names are derived from female characters in books from all genres and periods. Girl names from children's books are particular popular today, including Alice (in Wonderland) and Eloise (at the Plaza). Literary girl names from classic books such as Scarlett and Scout are fashionable.

  • Mermaid Baby Names

    There’s more to mermaid baby names than Ariel, the Disney Princess inspired name that has been a common choice for decades. Another popular girl name, Madison, also has a mermaid to thank for its acclaim. The name became used for girls after the release of the movie Spalsh, in which Daryl Hannah’s mermaid character chooses the name Madison for herself after the Madison Avenue street sign.

  • Middle Names for Girls

    Middle names for girls run the gamut from the traditional connecting names such as Rose and Lee to family surnames to new names carrying deep meaning. Many parents these days look to the middle as a place to put family names that might be too old-fashioned or unusual to use in first place. Middle names for girls that are surnames, boy names, or word names expressing some desirable quality such as Heaven or Justice are also up-and-coming.

  • Most Common Names for Girls

    Common names are different from popular names as they denote names found most widely amongst the entire population, not just used for babies in a single year. Names most common for females in the US over the past century are listed here, with Mary claiming the top spot, followed by Patricia, Jennifer, Linda, and Elizabeth. Some of the top names for baby girls today, such Sophia and Isabella, don't quite make it onto the Most Common Names list yet, but as older names such as Doris and Joyce fade away, they'll be replaced by newer popular names such as Ava and Charlotte. These are the 100 most common girl names of the past century.

  • Mythology Girl Names

    Mythology baby names for girls can impart both tradition and strength to a child. The pantheon of Greek and Roman deities, such as Athena and Luna, along with figures from Celtic, Irish, Norse, Hindu and other classic myths and legends can provide an abundant source of audacious options, all combining deep history with not-heard-in-a-long-time freshness.

  • Nameberry's Top Girl Names 2010s

    These are Nameberry's Top 100 girl names for the entire decade of the 2010s. Our top names list is calculated on which names received the most page views on Nameberry. These are not necessarily the most popular names received by baby girls over the decade, but the names parents searched for most on our site. While there may not be a direct correlation to the official popularity lists in the US or any other country, this represents a guide to the most stylish, intriguing names for girls of the past ten years.

  • Names to Substitute for Alice

    Alice is a lovely classic name that's getting more popular in recent years. If you'd like to explore more unusual alternatives that are like Alice but different, look to this list.

  • Names to Substitute for Caroline

    Caroline is a beautiful classic name that demands no substitution, but if for some reason you need to look further, consider these worthy Caroline alternatives.

  • Names to Substitute for Danielle

    Danielle is a feminization so popular in the 1980s and 1990s that modern parents will be looking for updates. Here, some ideas of girls' names that might be fresh substitutes for Danielle.

  • Names to Substitute for Samantha

    Samantha may have long been your favorite among baby girl names, but there are fresher substitutes you may want to consider today.

  • New Baby Girl Names

    New baby girl names, names derived from words or places or nature or surnames, are springing up all the time.

  • Nicknames for Baby Girls

    Nicknames are cool again for baby girls. The best nicknames today are not the cutesy Cindys and Mindys, Candys and Randis of the '60s and '70s, but rather vintage diminutives or sassy nicknames with attitude.

  • Old Hollywood Names for Girls

    Names from the Golden Age of Hollywood glamour are playing starring roles as baby names once again. We’re starting to see names such as Dorothy (Lamour) and Ingrid (Bergman) come back into fashion, no doubt boosted by their glamourous, Old Hollywood image.

  • Old Lady Names

    Old lady names are cool by virtue of their very disdain for fashion. These kind of old school girls' names are connected to tradition rather than modernity and gloss. What gets confusing is whether stylish vintage names like Adeline or Clara really qualify as Old Lady Names anymore, or if a name needs to be a bit dusty and unfashionable to be considered an Old Lady Name.

  • One-Syllable Middle Names for Girls

    There's a reason one-syllable middle names for girls such as Ann and Lynn have been used to the point of cliché. These middle names don't distract from the dazzle of the first name and serve as a calm, quiet bridge between the two stars of the show. These one-syllable girl names transcend the basics like, nowadays, Rose and Grace. They could also work well as first names.

  • Popular English Girl Names

    English names, meaning names that originate in the English language, sometimes get overlooked because we tend to think of all names used by English speakers as English names. But of course, many of the names we consider English are actually Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and so on. So then which names for girls truly might be considered English, and which of those English girls' names are most popular?

    The most common truly English girl name is Harper. Along with Harper, other English girl names in the US Top 50 include Evelyn, Scarlett, Madison, Hazel, Lily, Everly, Aubrey, Willow, and Addison. Many nature names for girls are authentically English, such as Marigold, River, Wren, and Clover.

  • Pretty Girl Names

    Pretty girl names are pretty—attractive, feminine, sometimes frilly—in themselves. They also conjure the image of a pretty girl. And some of these names literally mean pretty or beautiful, such as Jolie and Belle.

  • Princess Names

    The princess names for girls here are those chosen by royal families around the world over the past decade or so. Your idea of princess names can be expanded to include those used over past generations—Anne and Elizabeth and even Diana, say— and to extend to fictional princesses such as Ariel and Aurora.

  • Rich Roman Goddess Names

    Names from Ancient Rome are super stylish these days, and what better names from that era than Roman goddess names and Roman god names. These mythological names have survived the centuries, with some of the Roman goddess names — Luna, for instance, and Aurora — very fashionable now.

  • Romantic Baby Names for Girls

    There has been an upturn in the use of romantic baby names for girls in recent years — think Isabella and Sophia. Many romantic baby names are long and elaborate, often ending with the ultra-feminine A sound. Others are connected to heroines of literature or legend, such as Juliet and Isolde.

  • Royal Names for Girls

    Royal baby names on this list are those used by the British royal family over the centuries. Included on this list are names used in the middle, as for the little princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

  • Russian Baby Girl Names

    Russian baby names for girls, long a style backwater, are coming into their own as a fashionable choice. Many of the top supermodels of recent years have been from Russia, Ukraine, and other parts of Eastern Europe and have imported their Russian names along with their willowy beauty. And a recent First Daughter had not one Russian name but two: Sasha Obama's nickname would usually be a short form in Russia for Alexandra, but her proper name was the classic Russian girls' name Natasha.

  • Saints' Names for Girls

    Saints' names may no longer be required for a Roman Catholic baptism, but many parents choose to honor saints with their children's names anyway. Names of notable saints such as St. Catherine of Siena and St. Teresa of Avila are listed here, as well as those of lesser-known saints.

  • Short and Strong Girl Names

    Short and strong girl names hit just the right note between feminine and feisty. Short girl names are great for balancing out a long surname or middle name, and they have the added bonus of being simple and straightforward to say and spell.

    Our favorite short and strong names for girls range from classics like Kate, Eve and Anna, to cool vintage revivals like Alma, Ida and Tess, to modern mini-names with a punch, like Nico, Rue and Lux.

    Many of the fabulous short and strong girl names on this list have powerful meanings to match. Try Cleo "glory", Veda "wisdom" or Zoya "life".

    Here, browse a selection of our favorite short and strong baby girl names that pack a punch. Or, if you're having a boy, check out this post over on our blog about strong names for boys.

  • Spanish Baby Girl Names

    Spanish baby names for girls include several choices familiar to non-Spanish speakers: Maria, Sofia, and Lucia, for instance. And then there are other girls' names, popular in Latin and South America as well as in Spain, largely unused outside Spanish-speaking cultures.. Spanish girls' names popular in the US, Latin America, South America, and Spain include Lucia, Sofia (the Spanish spelling of the popular Sophia) and the classic Maria. The list of most popular names in Spain includes such girl names as Vega, Laia, Candela, Aitana, and Jimena, all still very exotic in the English-speaking community. What follows is a select list of Spanish names for girls.

  • Strong Girl Names

    Strong girl names are a more rarefied group than strong names for boys, with fewer girls' names meaning strong, powerful, or brave.

  • Stylish Girl Names That End in Consonants

    Girl names ending in consonants contrast with those ending in vowels. Girl names ending in vowels are considered very feminine (especially those that end in A), or cutesy and girlish (particularly those that end with -ie or Y). Most of the top girl names end in a vowel, but increasingly, parents are attracted to consonant-ending girl names such as Charlotte and Harper.

  • Toddlers & Tiaras Baby Names

    The reality television show Toddlers & Tiaras chronicles the world of child beauty pageants. Along with a few yooneek spellings such as Brystol and Brittanie that don't appear in our database, the names of the girls, and a few boys, who've appeared on the show include these often glossy choices.

  • Top Girl Names 2020

    The top girl names of 2020 are likely to be a mix of the girls' names most popular in the official ranks along with baby girl names rising quickly through the charts.

  • TV Mom Names

    TV Mom names take their inspiration from the perfect (and sometimes highly imperfect) television mothers who typically vacuumed in heels and cooked their children hot lunches. Names that honor these paragons of domesticity range from Alice to Winnie, with detours to Peg and Tami. While some of these may seem hopelessly dated (they are mom names, after all), many names of TV moms—especially ones from earlier sitcoms—would be quite charming on a modern baby girl.

    For more, consider our list of TV character names

  • Uncommon Girl Names in the US

    Uncommon girl names in the US may be well-liked and widely used in other countries around the world. Ebba might be uncommon in Seattle, for instance, but standard in Stockholm, while Alba is unusual in Milwaukee but everywhere in Madrid.

  • Unique Girl Names: Unusual and Rare

    Unique girl names come in many varieties, from ancient to modern, traditional to invented. The best 2020 unique names for girls are those unusual and rare choices that have deep roots, are attractive, and can fit into contemporary life.

  • Unique Middle Names for Girls

    Unique middle names for girls appeal to even more conservative parents, who may look for an unusual middle name to set their little Emma or Elizabeth apart. Unique middle names may be unusual first names or can also be nature, word, or surname-names.

  • Unique Vintage Names for Girls

    Unique names don't have to be new and invented: They can also be vintage names revived from either the near or distant past.

  • Unisex Names for Girls

    Unisex names are defined as those given to the minority sex at least ten percent of the time. Unisex names for girls encompass those that originated as male names but migrated to the girls' side, names that feel gender-neutral but in fact are used mostly for girls, and truly unisex names that work as well for girls as for boys. The names listed here are the Top 100 most common unisex names among baby girls, led by Avery and Riley.

  • Unusual International Baby Girl Names

    Unusual international girl names are a great place to start if you're looking for a beautiful and unique baby girl name with a solid history. With uncommon baby names getting more and more fashionable, it can be hard to find one that still feels fresh and undiscovered. But there's a whole world of beautiful options out there!

    Uncommon international names for girls that are popular here on Nameberry (but not in the US, shhhh!) include Anjali, Cressida, Eira, Saoirse and Ziva. And if you're looking for a truly unique international name for a girl, there are plenty of beautiful rare options in the list below, including Araluen, Demelza, Ismene, Mahalia and Zuleika.

    Along with Eira and Zora, other short and funky international girl names outside the US Top 1000 include Bijou, Daru, Ezri and Rio. Or if you prefer long, statement-making names, try Antonina, Cleophee, Endellion or Zipporah.

    When considering rare international names for your baby girl, it's always important to bear each name's cultural context in mind. If the name is not from a culture familiar to you, do some reasearch (asking on our friendly international Forums is a great place to start!) to make sure that you understand the background to the name, and any cultural significance it may have.

    Browse a selection of the best unusual international girl names below, or check out our full list of Cool International Girl Names for even more ideas!

  • Video Game Names for Girls

    Movie- and TV-character names may seem both inspired and inspirational to parents at the beginning of the twenty-first century, but what of the next generation of parents-to-be, those raised not on movies and television but on video games? Their idea of a cool name is sure to be way wilder than that of parents today. Some of these video game character names, such as Chloe and Mercy, are more name-worthy than others—can you imagine a baby girl named Bloodrayne?

  • Vintage Girl Names

    Vintage girl names are back in a big way, as chic as vintage clothes and furniture. Of course, not every vintage girl name is stylish – we may never see the comeback of Ethel or Bertha – but many retro names such as Ada and Iris are being dusted off and restored to their former glory by modern parents.

  • Vintage Nicknames for Girls

    Vintage nicknames for girls feel new again. Many modern parents are choosing to forgo traditional full forms and put an old-fashioned nickname on the birth certificate instead. Elsie, Winnie, and Millie outrank their more formal counterparts, Elsa, Winifred, and Mildred.

  • Yupster Baby Names for Girls

    Yupsters -- a blend of yuppies and hipsters -- prefer baby names that are to the left of the most popular list but far to the right of most choices on this site. The Yupster Baby Names are classic as well as cool, embodying style along with history. The only problem is that you may hear them far more than you want to in the years to come.