Medieval Names for a Modern Baby

Looking for an unusual name with historical roots? These names and surnames from medieval European rosters could grace a modern birth certificate.
  1. AdelizaHeart
    • AldinHeart
      • AmiraHeart
        • Origin:

          Hebrew, Arabic
        • Meaning:

        • Description:

          This shimmery name, often given to girls born on the harvest feast of Shavuot, and also used in the Muslim community, is increasing in popularity. Amira is of Hebrew and Arabic origin, meaning "princess", and fits in well with a variety of trending names like Amara, Amaya, and Mira. Amira is in the Top 100 in several countries, including Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, and Hungary. In the US, Amira entered the Top 1000 in 1998 and has been rising since, now in the Top 250. Overall Amira is a gorgeous multicultural choice.
      • AphraHeart
        • Origin:

          Hebrew, variation of Aphrah
        • Meaning:

        • Description:

          Aphra would make an interesting choice-- especially since it's the name of the first professional female writer in English, the seventeenth century's Aphra Behn. Born in 1640, she was a prolific dramatist of the English Restoration, and a spy.
      • ArgentaHeart
        • Origin:

        • Meaning:

        • Description:

          More modern and alluring than Silver, Argenta is one of the few mineral/metal-related names.
      • AvilaHeart
        • Origin:

        • Meaning:

          "desired; or island, water"
        • Description:

          An unusual and appealing name that is the origin of Evelyn, via the Norman French name Aveline. It derives from an obscure Germanic root, the meaning of which is not clear. Theories include "desired, wished for" and "water, island".
      • AylethHeart
        • Description:

          This medieval sounding name is a modern invention, used in the video game Final Fantasy.
      • AdelizHeart
        • AdriHeart
          • AilithHeart
            • AistonHeart
              • AlveryHeart
                • AmadoreHeart
                  • AmantHeart
                    • AmicusHeart
                      • AndrionHeart
                        • AndryHeart
                          • ArmineHeart
                            • AvelynHeart
                              • AverittHeart