Spiritual Baby Names

Spiritual baby names suggest qualities we'd all like our children to aspire to and fit our new definition of cool. While they seem as if they can work for both genders, most spiritual baby names have been veering toward the feminine side. A few, such as Trinity, Destiny, Sky, and Genesis, are already staples on the girls' popularity lists.

Along with Genesis and Trinity, other spiritual baby names in the US Top 1000 include Bodhi, Eden, Haven, Justice, Mercy, Messiah, Miracle, and Saint. For less common but still stylish spiritual baby names, you might consider Galilee, Honor, Loyal, or Sunday.

Spiritual names deriving from a range of religions and beliefs are, for many parents, a modern substitute for biblical or saints' names. Here, some spiritual names that might be right for your baby.

  • Abbott

    The name Abbott is a unisex name of Hebrew origin meaning "father". Abbott is a neglected masculine surname with religious overtones as the head of a monastery. Though the feminine nickname Abby... Read More 

  • Angel

    The name Angel is a unisex name. Angel is a perennial Hispanic boys’ name, but it was Buffy the Vampire Slayer that brought it into the... Read More 

  • Answer

    The name Answer is a girl's name . An implied spiritual meaning makes this a plausible new name. Read More 

  • Apollo

    The name Apollo is a boy's name of Greek origin. With mythological names rising, the handsome son of Zeus and god of medicine, music, and poetry among many other things might offer an... Read More 

  • Arcadia

    The name Arcadia is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "region offering peace and contentment". Arcadia, a name for an unspoiled paradise, makes an attractive secular alternative to Nevaeh or... Read More 

  • Ariel

    The name Ariel is a unisex name of Hebrew origin meaning "lion of God". Ariel is a biblical name, seen there as the messenger of Ezra, and also used as a symbolic name for the city of Jerusalem,... Read More 

  • Athena

    The name Athena is a girl's name of Greek origin. The given name Athena was derived from the city name Athens, which is of uncertain origins. In Greek mythology, Athena is the name of the... Read More 

  • Atlas

    The name Atlas is a unisex name of Greek origin. Previously thought too powerful for a baby boy--who would have to be strong enough to carry the world on his shoulders--Atlas has joined the... Read More 

  • Bardo

    The name Bardo is a boy's name of German, Aboriginal, Tibetan origin meaning "water". Bardo has a poetic beginning and upbeat ending, with roots in several diverse cultures. It may be most... Read More 

  • Bishop

    The name Bishop is a boy's name of English origin. Reese Witherspoon's Deacon has opened this churchy direction for occupational names. It reentered the US Top 1000 in 2015.Read More 

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