Popular Names in Utah

Popular names in Utah in 2023 are led by Charlotte and Liam. Liam is the Number 1 boy name in the United States, and Charlotte is among the most popular baby names 2023 as well. The top girl name in the entire US, Olivia, comes in second place in Utah.

Utah's list of Top 10 baby names features six names that are not among the national Top 10. These are Lucy, Hazel, Lily, and Ellie for girls, and Hudson and Miles for boys.

Utah has a reputation for loving unique baby names thanks to the state's large Mormon population, which is known to appreciate creative and one-of-a-kind names. Names that are especially popular in the Beehive State include word names such as Aspen, Sage, Navy, and Daisy for girls, and contemporary choices like Beckham, Knox, Ridge, Wells, and Riggs for boys.

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