Popular Names in Massachusetts

Popular names in Massachusetts for 2023 are led by Charlotte and Noah, which are both also amongst the national top baby names 2023. National top names Olivia and Liam both sit at #2 in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts baby names also highlight more unique choices. Nora and Chloe rank among the Top 10 Massachusetts girl names but is lower on the national charts. Jack and Owen are top boys names in Massachusetts but rank outside of the national Top 10.

Popular Massachusetts baby names also include many sophisticated and formal names for girls, such as Cecilia, Eloise, Margaret, Esther, and Julia. Traditional names rank particularly high for boys as well, including Thomas, George, Arthur, Patrick, and Vincent.

Nameberry's calculation of the Boston baby names includes many uncommon boy names that rank outside of the Massachusetts and national Top 100s. Aurelia, Ophelia, Milo, and Oscar all attract extra attention in Boston.

Charlotte, Theodore, and Oliver are in the Top 10 lists for Boston, the state of Massachusetts, and the US as a nation.

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