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Nameberry’s top Boston baby names for 2022 so far are Luna for girls and Bodhi for boys.

Boston’s top girl name Luna is also ranked first among Seattle baby names, Atlanta baby names, and Dallas baby names. Luna is currently ranked at Number 11 on the official US Top 1000.

Bodhi is not unique among all the cities’ Top 10s, but Boston is the only place where it’s Number 1. Bodhi is ranked Number 5 among the top Denver baby names.

It makes sense that Boston, with its large Irish-American population, favors Gaelic names. Scottish and Irish names in Boston’s Top 10 include Isla for girls along with Malcolm, Rory, Callum, and Declan for boys.

Boston shares the most top names with New York City, with five names making both lists. In addition to Luna, other Boston and New York City baby names are Aurora, Eloise, Isla, and Arlo.

Comparing the most popular Boston baby names with the official top Massachusetts baby names, names that make both Top 10 lists include Charlotte, Ava, and Evelyn for girls, Theodore and Oliver for boys.

boston baby names

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