Baby Name Gems for Gemini Babies

Baby Name Gems for Gemini Babies

Names for Gemini babies, born under the third sign of the Western Zodiac, which falls from May 22nd to June 21st, often focus on twins. Gemini is a sign of duality, represented by twin characters Castor and Pollux, People born under the sign of Gemini are always talking, searching for information to satisfy their intelligence and fuel their creativity. Many Geminis focus on building relationships to fill the need for a twin to their personalities. Here, our favorite names for Gemini babies.

Gemini Names

Mercury, the hottest planet, rules over Gemini. The red planet is named for the Roman messenger god. Mercury’s Greek counterpart is Hermes. While moonless, many features with captivating names span the planet’s surface, offering up names like ZaryaOdinTir, and Adventure to newborn Gemini babies.

Castor – Two of Gemini’s stars are Castor and Pollux, named for the twins of Greek myth. A few other bright stars in the constellation are PropusAlzirr, and Alhena, which means “the brand.” Alhena has an alternate name of Almeisan, Arabic for “the shining one.”

Emer – Geminis are quick-thinking, quick-witted, and quick-talking. Boaz and Emer mean swift; word name Swift doubles as a bird name – a bonus for the flighty twin.

Fei – Gemini is an air sign. The Chinese Fei means “to dance in the air.” Names related to the sky include LaniSoraMina, and Sky itself. Mythology gives another angle – AuraTateZadaAurai, and Rudra are some characters that rule over the wind and the sky. The Gaelic Sidhe, pronounced “Shee,” are a race of fairy-like creatures. The name derives from an Old Irish word meaning “wind” or “gust.”

Hawk – Another way to relate to the air elemental is through the travelers of the air – birds. Many species double as baby names, from Lark to Sparrow to Hawk. Names deriving from words meaning bird include Zipporah (and its French form Séphora), AderynBranwenAstor, and Corbin.

Juni – From the end of May to the end of JuneGemini is the last of the zodiac’s spring signs. June derives from Juno, queen of the heavens in Roman mythology. The Swedish month name Juni modernizes June; Juniper feels like an elaboration.

Kavi – The twins value intellect. Kavi is Sanskrit for “wise man, sage;” the Tupí name Maiara and the Persian Dana both mean “wise.” SeanánCatoMinerva, and Sophie are more names signifying intelligence.

Malachi – Gemini’s planet Mercury is known as the messenger. Evangeline means “bringer of good news,” Hermione comes from messenger god Hermes, and Malachi is “my messenger.” Archangels are known to deliver news; in addition to Malachi, angels GabrielRaphael, and Uriel have lovely names.

Oak – Lavender and Lily of the Valley are flowers of the Gemini. In addition, nut-bearing trees – such as OakBeech, and Hazel – represent people born under the twins. Quicksilver is the sign’s metal and an interesting choice for the middle.

Olive – With strong ties to the color yellow, it’s no surprise that Topaz is the twins’ gemstone. Shades of yellow to consider for baby Geminis include Jasmine, Saffron, Sunglow, and the green-tinted Olive. More than a dozen gemstones are said to be lucky for Geminis, from Jade and Pearl to MalachiteSapphire, and Onyx.

Viola – We’ve already covered Castor and Pollux, but mythology loves twins. Some well-known mythological pairs are Artemis and ApolloRomulus and RemusCassandra and Helenus. Other twins with great names: musicians Simone and Amedeo PaceShakespeare’s Viola and Sebastian, historical royalty Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene, 18th century princesses Louise Elisabeth and Anne Henriette, and modern twin princes Louis and Alphonse.

Wilder – For famous inspiration, consider the names of comic actors Bob Hope and Gene Wilder; scientists Jacques Cousteau and Thomas Huxley; dancer/choreographer Isadora Duncan; activists Ian McKellen and Josiah Henson; Russian duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna; and athletes Venus Williams and Gale Sayers.

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