What’s Your Middle Name?

middle names

It might be embarrassing.

Or kind of a snooze.

Maybe it tells a story about you or your family.

Maybe you’ve changed it.

Today we’re going to reprise that fifth grade playground conversation and answer that revealing question: What’s your middle name?  Do you love it or hate it?  And what’s the story behind it?

Since so many of us on Nameberry are anonymous, it might be fun to know each other’s middle names if not first or last names.

My middle name is (excuse me if I yawn) Ann.  Yes, it’s a bland midcentury connective, but it was also the name of my mother’s oldest friend.

In adolescence, I jazzed it up my adding the confirmation name Mary, mostly so that my initials would be P.A.M.: clever!

And after I took my husband’s surname, I began using my maiden name Redmond as my middle name.

Now….what’s YOUR middle name?

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