Nature name
"hawk, a bird"

Hawk Origin and Meaning

The name Hawk is a boy's name meaning "hawk, a bird".

Animal names are on the rise, especially more of the aggressive Hawk-Fox-Wolf variety than cute little Bunnys or Robins, and Hawk is a prime example.

Hawk is more commonly heard as a surname, represented by uber-skateboarder Tony Hawk, a pioneer of modern vertical skateboarding. Variations include Hawke, as in actor Ethan, Hawks, as in Golden Age movie director Howard, Hawking, as in scientist Stephen, and Hawkins, as in musicians Coleman, Screamin' Jay and Sophie B, and was recently given to his baby boy by quarterback Tony Romo. There have been characters named or nicknamed Hawk in The Revenant, The Path and Robert B. Parker's Spenser novels. Hawk ranks at Number 699 on Nameberry.

# 1351 on Nameberry

Hawk Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Hawk Popularity

Famous People Named Hawk

  • Howard Winchel "Hawk" Koch Jr.American film producer
  • Robert Dale "Hawk" TaylorAmerican baseball player
  • David J. "Hawk" WolinskiAmerican musician
  • Road Warrior Hawkring name of Michael Hegstrand, American pro wrestler
  • Big Hawkstage name of John Edward Hawkins, American rapper
  • Tennessee Hawkins "Hawk" Church (b. 2015)son of country music singer (Kenneth) Eric Church
  • Isaiah Hawk Wilson (b. 2015)son of reality TV personality Holly Montag & Rich Wilson
  • Anthony Frank "Tony" HawkAmerican skateboarder

Hawk in Pop Culture

  • Hawkcharacter in the G.I. Joe series
  • Hawk aka Hank Hallcharacter in DC's Hawk and Dove comics
  • Hawk Glasscharacter in book/film "The Revenant"
  • Hawk Lanecharacter on TV's "The Path"
  • "Hawk the Slayer" 1980 British film and its main character
  • Hawkcharacter on TV's "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"
  • Deputy Tommy "Hawk" Hilla character on TV's "Twin Peaks"
  • Hawkcharacter in the Spenser novels by Robert B. Parker and TV's "A Man Called Hawk"
  • Hawkeye aka Clint Bartoncharacter in Marvel's Avengers comics
  • Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Piercecharacter on TV's "M*A*S*H"
  • Hawkemain character in "Dragon Age II"
  • Hawk NelsonChristian rock band
  • Hawk Moth (La Papillon)villain in the French Children's TV show, "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir"
  • Stringfellow Hawke character on TV's Airwolf