English word name
"an account of incidents or events"

Story Origin and Meaning

The name Story is a girl's name meaning "an account of incidents or events".

An imaginative choice with an uptempo Cory/Rory/Tori sound, perfect for the child of a writer — or anyone with a good story to tell. Story has been finding some appreciation among celebs like Minnie Driver and others as a middle name. This is just one of the literary word names that have recently entered the realm of possibility, such as Fable, Sonnet and Poem.

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Famous People Named Story

  • Story TweedieYates, American tennis player
  • Story Asaundra Lumpkin (b. 2001)daughter of rappers Ginuwine and Solé
  • Storie Faye Thornton (b. 2016)daughter of blogger Sydney Thornton aka soelsister
  • Story Annabelle Paul(b. 2018), daughter of actor Aaron Paul and activist Lauren Parsekian
  • Story Grey Jeter (b. 2019)daughter of former MLB player Derek Jeter and model Hannah Jeter

Story in Pop Culture

  • Storywater nymph in movie "Lady in the Water"
  • story,word for the recounting of time past or of imagination
  • Storybrookesetting of TV series "Once Upon a Time"

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