"animal name"

Tiger Origin and Meaning

The name Tiger is a boy's name meaning "animal name".

Other wild animals like Fox, Wolf and Bear are catching on as baby names, and Tiger is a rarer option with several famous namesakes, including golf champ Tiger Woods, who was born Eldrick. Other famous Tigers include Indian actor Tiger Shroff, born Jai, and British actor Tyger Drew-Honey, who spells his name with a Y.

Chinese martial artist Tiger Hu Chen is another well-known bearer. In Chinese culture, the tiger is considered the king of the animals and a major symbol of masculine yang energy, representing power, courage, and luck.

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Tiger Popularity

Famous People Named Tiger

  • Tiger OnitsukaJapanese jazz drummer
  • Eldrick Tont "Tiger" WoodsAmerican golfer
  • Tiger "Tige" AndrewsAmerican actor
  • David James "Tiger" WilliamsCanadian ice hockey player
  • Tigerstage name of Norman Washington Jackson, Jamaican dancehall musician
  • Priest George Youngs "Tiger" SmallsAmerican boxer and trainer
  • Ernest James "Tiger" SmithEnglish cricketer
  • Theodore "Tiger" FlowersAmerican boxer
  • Jai Hemant "Tiger" ShroffIndian actor
  • George Everett "Tiger" GreeneAmerican NFL football player
  • Tiger Jeet Singh (born Jagjeet Singh Hans)Indo,Canadian pro wrestler
  • Tiger Ali Singh (born Gurjit Singh Hans)Indo,Canadian pro wrestler; son of Tiger Jeet Singh
  • Tiger Watson (b. 2016)son of reality TV personality Paul Watson of "Whale Wars"
  • Rufus Tiger Taylor (b. 1991)American musician of The Darkness; son of drummer Roger Taylor of Queen
  • Marlowe Jack Tiger Mitchell (b. 2002)son of actress Lou Doillon; grandson of model Jane Birkin
  • Lola Tiger Fellner (b. 2008)daughter of model Laura Bailey and Eric Fellner

Tiger in Pop Culture

  • Tigerdog in animated series "Kipper the Dog"
  • Tiger Gleesoncharacter in Australian TV series "Round the Twist"
  • "Tiger" comic strip by Bud Blake and its main character
  • Tigersidekick of Judomaster in DC Comics
  • Tigerdog on TV's "The Brady Bunch"
  • Tigercat in the American Tail animated films
  • Tigercharacter in Ibn,e,Safi's Imran series
  • Tiger Jacksoncharacter in the Tekken video games
  • Tiger Owcharacter in film "Project A Part II"
  • Tigerstarcharacter from the book series "Warriors" by Erin Hunter