Scottish or Irish
"son of"

Mac Origin and Meaning

The name Mac is a boy's name of Scottish, Irish origin meaning "son of".

In Ireland and Scotland, Mac and Mc mean "son of"; here, Mac is a generic fella, or a short form cooler than either Matt or Max. Mac can be a nickname of any longer Mac or Mc starting name such as McCoy or Macalister. If you want to make it feel more complete, you can always spell it Mack.

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Mac Popularity

Famous People Named Mac

  • Macstage name of McKinley Phipps, American rapper
  • MacEnglish musician of hip hop group So Solid Crew
  • Mac Drestage name of Andre Louis Hicks, American rapper
  • Mac KingAmerican comedy magician
  • Mac Mallstage name of Jamal Rocker, American rapper
  • Mac Millerstage name of Malcolm James McCormick, American rapper
  • Makoto "Mac" SuzukiJapanese baseball pitcher
  • Mac BrandtAmerican actor
  • Derek "Uncle Mac" McCullochBritish radio broadcaster
  • Maclin "Mac" CodyAmerican NFL player
  • McBriare Samuel Lanyon "Mac" DeMarco (born Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV)Canadian singer,songwriter
  • Bernie Macstage name of Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, American actor/comedian
  • Mason Mac Taylor Dawson (b. 2013)son of actor Ashley Taylor Dawson
  • Johnathan Mackensey "Mac" WilliamsonSan Francisco Giants outfielder

Mac in Pop Culture

  • Ronald "Mac" McDonaldcharacter in TV's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
  • Macintosh "Mac" computer brand from Apple, Inc.
  • Mac Bradfordcharacter from the movie "Point Blank"
  • Captain Maca character in video game Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
  • Maca character in animated TV show "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends"
  • Maca character from Apple's "Get A Mac" ad campaign, representing a Macintosh computer
  • MacGoofy Gopher in Looney Tunes cartoons
  • Maca character from British sitcom "Green Wing"
  • Macthe alien in movie "Mac and Me"
  • Little Maca character in the "Punch,Out!!" video game series
  • Mac Garganvillain in Spider,Man comics
  • Mac Taylorcharacter from TV's "CSI: NY"
  • Cindy "Mac" Mackenziea character from TV's "Veronica Mars"
  • Randle "Mac" McMurphycharacter in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
  • Angus "Mac" MacGyvermain character on TV's "MacGyver"
  • Maca character from the "Clifford the Big Red Dog" series
  • Macshort for macaroni, as in "mac 'n' cheese"
  • MACcosmetic brand
  • Fleetwood MacBritish,American rock band
  • McClane "Mac" Peraltason of Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago from TV's Brooklyn Nine,Nine (Named after John McClane in Die Hard)

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