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The name Fox is a boy's name .

Fox is one animal name backed by a longish tradition, and then popularized via the lead character Fox Mulder on X Files. Fox is simple, sleek, and a little bit wild, and could make an interesting middle name.

It was reported that the TV character's first name was not a tribute to the Fox network which aired The X-Files, as often assumed; show creator Chris Carter said he had a childhood friend named Fox.

Fox was one of the fastest-rising boys' names of 2016, perhaps because of the popularity of the X-Files revival.

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Fox Popularity

Famous People Named Fox

  • Fox ButterfieldAmerican journalist and author
  • Fox ConnerAmerican WWII major general
  • Fox Atticus MartindaleCanadian musician
  • Fox MauleRamsay, 11th Earl of Dalhousie, British politician
  • (Walter) Fox McKeithenAmerican politician
  • Fox India Owen (b. 2012)daughter of singer Mark Owen of Take That
  • Fox William Carter (b. 2015)son of rugby union player Dan Carter & Honor Dillon
  • Langley Fox Hemingway (b. 1989)daughter of Mariel Hemingway; great granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway
  • Michael J. FoxCanadian actor
  • Megan FoxAmerican actress
  • Matthew Chandler FoxAmerican actor
  • Jorja FoxAmerican actress

Fox in Pop Culture

  • Reynard the Foxmedieval legend and hero/trickster
  • Fox William Muldercharacter on TV's "The X,Files"
  • Foxfemale character from the TV series "The 100"
  • Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Cranecharacter on American soap "Passions"
  • Fox O'Dellcharacter in "Series of 7" by Nora Roberts
  • Fox McCloudfox main character in video game series "Star Fox"
  • Foxcharacter in anime web series "RWBY"
  • Lucius Foxcharacter in the "Batman" series
  • "The Fox" song by Norwegian band Ylvis
  • "Mr. Fox" English fairy tale similar to "Bluebeard"
  • Fox is a term for a sexually attractive woman.
  • FoxTV network
  • Fox Newsconservative news channel
  • Fox Wesleyone of the Selected in Kierra Cass' book "The Heir"
  • CC1010, nicknamed "Fox", from "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."

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