Names with Animal Meanings

Baby names with animal meanings range from the obvious, such as Robin or Lionel, and those with subtler animal meanings, such Rachel (which means ewe) or Tabitha (gazelle). This list of baby names with animal meanings contains both those that announce themselves clearly, such as Fox and Wolf, and those whose animal meaning is more hidden. The following range of animal baby names would be perfect for your wild child.

  • Aart


    That double a invests the old Arthur nickname with fresh life. Read More 

  • Abbas


    Not one of the five hundred names of Muhammad, but that of his uncle. Read More 

  • Abitha


    If Abigail's too popular and Tabitha is too...."Bewitched."Read More 

  • Addax


    The addax is a white antelope that resides in the Sahara Desert. A cool and usable addition to the pool of animal baby... Read More 

  • Aderyn


    Aderyn, like cousin Elowen, may have found her moment: Aderyn makes an original full name that gets you to the cute and trendy nickname Addie. Just remember to put the emphasis on the second syllable.Read More 

  • Adler


    Adler is a German surname that is beginning to be used occasionally as a first and is among the stylish new German names for... Read More 

  • Aegis


    Often found as a brand name in the hi-tech and industrial worlds. Read More 

  • Agu


    In its native Nigeria, Agu is a surname that signifies strength and being a force of nature. Agu as a first name has some pedigree, however: most notably via Agu Casmir, a famous... Read More 

  • Ahearne


    What a novel choice for those choosing to honor their Celtic heritage or love of horses (or both). One can imagine a little Ahearne running wildly through lush green fields. Read More 

  • Ainara


    Ainara is among the Top 100 girls' names in Spain but used for fewer than 100 baby girls last year in the US. A distinctive nature name and member... Read More 

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